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Your passport is probably the most important document you have when traveling and, let's face it, you're not going to travel much without it anyway. Most importantly, your passport serves as your primary means of identification, and in many cases you will need to have it with you.

As such, everything included in the pass is extremely important and attention to detail is crucial. Remember, what you put on your passport is information that needs to be verifiable and accurate.

When applying for your passport, you need to focus on several areas. One of these fields is the Profession field and you must fill in this information correctly. If you are employed, unemployed, a student, self-employed, or any of the other categories described here, you should carefully select and fill out this information. In this post, we look at the different options you need to put in the “Occupation” column when applying for your passport.

Well, under normal circumstances, you probably don't have this question about what to put in the occupation. When I say normal circumstances, I mean you have and are currently employed in an easily identifiable job listed under Occupations.

However, many passport applicants are students, the unemployed, or members of the military. So it can be quite confusing to know exactly what to fill in this column. Let's look at the different circumstances here.

You should keep in mind that a few years ago gainful employment was a very important factor when applying for your passport and if you were a government employee it was mandatory to obtain a security clearance. However, it is very important to ensure that you do not forge your passport information, so be careful.

What do I enter as an occupation for a passport if I am unemployed?

If you are of working age and have not recently started or left work or are taking a break from work, you are currently unemployed. If you are about to start a business but have not started at the time you apply, you will still be classified as unemployed.

Therefore, the correct answer to fill in the column in these situations would be “Unemployed”. However, this only applies to those who have no immediate prospect of a job. When I say immediately, I mean between the time you apply and the time the passport is issued.

On the other hand, if you expect to work or be offered a job in the period after you apply for your passport and before your passport is issued, you should first mark them as unemployed.

But once it's confirmed that you've been offered the job, you can get the necessary documents from the company that prove you're affiliated with them, such as: B. A clearance certificate or some form of affidavit proving your employment.

After receiving these documents from the company, you can present them to the executive at the passport appointment. The manager can then correct the information.

You can guarantee the same by confirming with them. Remember that it's best to be honest about your employment situation because if you present yourself as a private employee or self-employed when you don't currently have a job, you could still do so even if the chances are slim that the Officials figure it out causing problems with no real reason.

Can I enter "Student" as a profession in my passport?

There are many different scenarios to consider here. If you are still enrolled in a course and are completing it, regardless of whether it is a bachelor's or master's degree, you are a student.

There is also the scenario that you have taken your final exams but have not received a degree or certificate. In this case, you still qualify as a student, not as an unemployed person, as it is assumed that you will only work full-time after completing your studies and proving this through the certificate.

If you accidentally selected the option as a student but are not a student, you can correct this at any time during your appointment by escalating it to the Executive.

What should I list as an occupation for a passport if I'm in the military?

If you are part of the armed forces, such as B. Air Force or Military, you are entitled to a free passport. If you work under crew as part of the US Navy, US Army or US Air Force, you must declare the same and they will be your employer and your current rank will be your occupation.

Your rank gives a clear idea of ​​what you do, so it's important to state it as it relates to your occupation and not the specific employer you work for in the military. For example, if you work in the military, you could fill it out like this: Occupation - Military and Employer - US Army Depending on the purpose of your trip, the Academy will provide you with different types of passports.

Usually you have two passports: one for official use and one for personal travel. Both allow you to provide your employment details as mentioned above.

If you have retired or resigned from the military and are not employed anywhere else, the correct option to select would be Unemployed.

What will I do for a living when I retire?

There are options you can select that indicate whether you have retired from a private or government position. If you are sure that you will not return to your job and you have exceeded your working years, then this is the ideal option for you.

Otherwise, you can just mark yourself as unemployed as this is a general term that includes those who are on a career break and want to continue it later. Ideally, it's fine if you want to change your employment status during renewal, but it's usually better to be specific.

Will my occupation appear in the passport?

While the application form requires information about your employment status and your employer, these will not appear on your passport. This is still the case today, because earlier, a few years ago, this information appeared in the passport.

Now some countries print the profession in the passport, but the United States is not one of them. If you look at a sample passport, you know that this information does not appear on the passport.

While we're at it, let's explore a more practical question.

What information appears on my passport?

Your passport is a complete booklet containing and describing your identification details so that if you carry it you will be recognized as suitable for international travel with the approval of the necessary authorities who have checked the details and given you approval.

You can use your passport as proof of identity. Your passport contains information about your full name, passport number, date of birth, nationality, gender, date of issue and expiry date. In addition, your photo and signature will become part of your passport.

This may come as a surprise to some people, but there are many different types of passports that can be issued to an individual. For example, if someone is part of armed forces such as the Navy or Army or represents the country in an official capacity, they will be issued with an official passport stating that they are entering the destination country for official purposes only and this does not entitle them to any privileges.

Diplomats have their passport known as a diplomatic passport and are generally given certain privileges that ensure their overall safety and security. For example, possession of a diplomatic passport can generally prevent someone from being prosecuted while in a host country. A group pass can be issued for school-age children or groups traveling together, families can also have a family pass, although this is all but non-existent today.

Nowadays it is best to opt for an electronic passport, which avoids any form of passport fraud as it is fitted with an electronic chip that contains the information of the holder.

I hope I was able to clear your doubts about what to put under occupation when filling out the passport application form. While you can correct information at any time by mentioning it during your passport request, it takes a lot less effort to pay attention and get it right the first time unless the situation is beyond your control.

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