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You might have seen excellent trampoline tricks in Olympic sports. Believe it or not, you too can impress everyone by doing this at home. But you have to acquire the skills first. So how do I get started with trampoline tricks at home?

Then you've come to the right place to find cool trampoline hacks. Here we cover basic and advanced trampoline tricks to become an expert trampoline jumper!

By reading this article, you will learn how to do trampoline tricks. And the best trampoline tricks with video demonstrations will help everyone from beginner to advanced. Here we go!

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Basically, you can do various tricks on a trampoline such as tumbles, jumps, somersaults, somersaults and more. To make it easier to understand, we have categorized trampoline tricks based on the skills of the jumpers. First decide where you are and find your matching cheats there!

Have in mind:

simple trampolineit only provides instructions on trampoline tricks, but does not encourage anyone to try these tricks without proper supervision. As some of the tricks are dangerous, accidents can happen.

We therefore decline any responsibility if damage occurs accidentally. If you try any of the cheats, you do so at your own risk.

Basic trampoline tricks for beginners

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Seat Drop is a simple and basic trampoline trick that anyone can easily do. This popular trampoline jump simply lands in a sitting position and returns to a standing position.

While sitting, straighten your legs, keep your back straight and push the mat with your arms. But don't drop the seat too many times in a row or you could lose control.

extended jump

it's a very high jumpTrampoline exercises for adults.. To glide, raise your arms and keep your legs apart. Try to place your legs at a 90 degree angle and touch your shins. Beginners can start by touching their knees. Then try to gradually touch the pimples.

Tuck salta

From day one you can do squat jumps on trampolines. Just stand straight and jump up, keeping your arms up. After bouncing a few times, if you feel comfortable, bring your knees up to touch your chest. Also, keep your legs together and touch your shins. The more you try, the more accurately you can do it.


Diving is a simple trick on a trampoline. We will show you how to dive on the trampoline. First, sit on the mat and place your legs straight in front of you and firmly together. Raise your arms and lean forward until your toes touch. This creates a tight, curved shape for your body.

Now get up and jump on the trampoline to create the aforementioned shape. If you're a beginner, touch your knees instead of your toes. And gradually increase the difficulty by jumping higher and touching your toes more.

on your knees

It's another simple body jump. Simply bend your knees to the correct angle, drop them onto the inflatable bed and step back. Make sure your back stays straight and don't lean forward or roll backwards. To engage your arms in this exercise, keep them straight and higher as you come up. If the bed is hard enough, knee pads can provide you with a comfortable jumping experience.

Intermediate level trampoline tricks

manual mola for front

The front jump is a good trampoline technique that anyone can master if they practice for a while. And that too is easy. Find out how to perform the front wheel move!

Build power by bouncing for a while and then moving forward while placing your arms together on the trampoline. Simple and interesting, right?


This is the reverse operation of the front manual spring. All you have to do is go back and place your hands on the surface of the trampoline.

You can compare the trampoline movement with the hand spring back and head down in a swing while rocking back and forth.

front drop

The front drop is a popular intermediate-level gymnastics trick. What you should do before the front drop or the belly drop is to gain air by jumping for a while. Then lie on your stomach and place your hands under your face.

Raise your head slightly to see in front of you. Now, from the lying position, lower yourself onto your hands and knees. Then start jumping, keeping pace with the dog's fall forward and back to his feet. And when you start off standing, that's called a full front drop.

falling behind

The roach or bottom faces the front drop. First, lie on your back (cockroach position) outside the trampoline. Then build up the force by continuously pushing on the mat. This creates a bounce.

Make sure it is rolled up tightly and that the neck is not in contact with the mat. By doing a back flip like this a few times, you can understand how to control the power and manipulate your body in the air. And when you start standing and finish standing, that's called a full dive.


The front wheel or front fold is a main star. How do you make a front star? You can do this by following several steps.

Start with a jump jump. If you get a good jump doing this, try a forward spin and then a dive spin. After that, turn around to sit down. And when you're sure you've performed these steps, try a front somersault.

With lots of practice, you will develop your front star skill. Keep in mind that this trampoline style front wheel method does not require you to use your hands to support your body.


How to do a backflip on a trampoline? Learning to do a backflip on a trampoline takes a lot of practice. Here is the demo to learn the backflip!

Start with vertical jumps. When the heel reaches a comfortable position, kick your feet off the mat and attempt a back somersault. As a beginner, you might not get the flip you were hoping for, but if you practice for a while, you can do it successfully.

And when you're almost done, use your hands to prevent falls and protect your head and chest.


This is a pretty tricky trampoline technique that involves a front drop and a backflip. Perform a backflip immediately after a frontal takedown. It takes a lot of effort to complete Cody. If you are not good with trampoline tricks, please don't try it for safety reasons.

But when falling forward or backward, always keep your legs at the correct angle.


For advanced trampoline users, the kaboom offers special appeal. It is actually a combination of a spring back and a spring back. As you fall backwards, continuously press into the mat to create a jump, then do several body reverse twists.

no continent

Barani or Frontflip 180 spins while doing a front flip. After warming up, jump forward and rotate your body 180 degrees. After completing the Barani, you will find yourself facing the starting posture. The following video can help you understand Frontflip 180.

hips swaying

If you want to learn how to move your hips, a trampoline will be your best companion. In a sitting position, keep your back straight and your legs together forward. Jump and push off your arms to complete the cycle from sitting to standing. Now turn half a turn and continue the process as far as possible.


An underflip is actually a backflip rotated 180 degrees. This is also called a 180 backflip. The backflip should have your shoulders and hips open. Once you've created a good jump, come back into a 180 degree turn. But practicing this skill alone is quite risky.

side shot

How to do somersaults on a trampoline? Sideflip is comparatively more complicated than frontflip or backflip. Extend your hand in front of the side you want to turn. And stretch the other hand back. Turn sideways after a safe jump. Be careful not to hurt the front hand.

vencedor do backflip

This is a type of backwards trick that allows you to move forward while doing a somersault. This trick requires you to stay on the side you want to advance. Then do a backflip and step forward. If you are skilled enough you can also do it on mini trampolines.

Professional or advanced trampoline tricks

Backflip with full twist

Jump directly onto the mat to generate power. Then turn your back while creating a 360 degree twist. You need to practice for quite some time to master the twisting technique.

double front wheel

The process is almost similar to a single frontflip. But in this case, push off the mat with extra pressure, bend over and do a double front somersault.

triple front star

Nothing special, just put more pressure on the springboard to get more bounce and try to roll 3 or more times.

backflip duplo

Hit the trampoline bounce mat to create more bounce than the simple backflip and land two backflips. Other things are common, like a backflip.

backflip triplo

This time, do three somersaults in front of you. So put more pressure on the rug than you would with the double twist.


This is one of the best trampoline tricks in the world. You can see that this is an Olympic sport, which is actually a continuous hand jump forward or backward ending in a somersault. This is afun game trick on a trampoline. The length of the rotating floor is generally more than 20 meters. So the cups are constantly rotating there.

lazy backflip

This is also known as a 3/4 back somersault. Jumpers land on their stomachs instead of their feet during this somersault. If you are not skilled enough, don't try this.

FAQ about trampoline tricks

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What are the best trampolines for tricks?

Large trampolines are the right choice for trampoline tricks. You can find them on Turner trampolines ortrampoline tips for adults. But above all,Consider 17 × 12 feetoLarger trampolines that are for sale.. If you find that these trampolines are out of your budget, you can still get access to some trampoline parks and get as much exercise as possible.

What precautions should be taken when doing trampoline tricks?

There are many precautions, we list the most important ones below.

  • Start with a warm-up before moving on to the main tricks.
  • Learn from a good trampoline jumper to avoid injuries liketrampoline burns
  • Wear the necessary clothing and avoid picking up objects.
  • Don't try a trick without clearly understanding it.

last words

This is the list of most common and important trampoline tricks. We hope our trampoline flips and tricks will improve your skills and help you.burn more calories. Remember that different trampoline gymnasts explain the paths in their own way. Here we try to present sports tricks as simple as possible.

using atrampoline bikefor trampoline tricks can also be a good idea. If you are an adult, visiting trampoline parks will surely bring you more fun. Asindoor trampolineand the ground staff also gives you good training opportunities.

Whichever techniques you follow, we strongly recommend that you start with the basic types to avoid accidents and injuries. And gradually progress to advanced movements. Now is the time to own the Olympic gold medal, or at least get recognition from friends!

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