Top 20 Operations Jobs [With Descriptions] (2023)

Which operations roles make sense for you and your team?

I reviewed the Operations jobs that candidates (and employers!) were searching for and my results are below. This mini-report is the final chapter of theOngig Job Titles: The Ultimate Guide.

Below you will find:

  • What is operation? — Best practices for roles and department names.
  • Operations Job Hierarchy: The standard for Operations department jobs... a mini org chart, if you will.
  • Top 20 Trade Titles: A pie chart of the top 20 trade positions candidates searched for on Google.
  • Operational Positions and Job Descriptions: A list of the top 11 operational positions and job descriptions required by employers.

What is operation?

Trading positions keep an organization running smoothly. Here is a simple definition ofExplanation of job titles in the company(Sample) Article.

" operations worker helps an employer's wheels run more economically, with less noise and shock."

Most large companies have an Operations department, usually just called "Operations". This is the approach followed by leading companies (both old and new) such as:

  • blood
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • AT&T
  • Fast

However, some companies have slightly differently named operational roles that often overlap with related teams such as project and program management or supply chain and logistics departments. After reviewing the career pages of large public companies, we found:

  • Walmartrefers to its Operations roles as "Business Operations"
  • Popular online fitness companyInteractive Squadhas a combined focus with "Operations and Logistics"
  • Facebookuses "Global Operations" which includes marketing and project management functions
  • Overuses "operations and go-to-market" which includes product launch, business operations, and strategy
  • Grupo UnitedHealth, in the medical industry, uses "Clinical Operations"

You'll find that job categories can vary based on company size and industry. Operational and administrative work is also a common overlap. You can read about their similarities and differences inTop 20 Administrative Jobs [With Descriptions].

Operating Position Hierarchy

Here is a typical Operations job org chart.

Top 20 Operations Jobs [With Descriptions] (1)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) – Chief Operating Officer, President und COO, Executive Vice President of Operations
  • Vice President of Operations: Vice President of Operations, Senior Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Business Operations, Operations Management, Vice President of Finance and Operations,
  • Director of Operations – Director of Operations, Director of Business Operations, Team Operations Leader, Director of Business Operations, Senior Director of Business Operations, Strategy and Operations Leader
  • Operations Manager: Business Operations Manager, Office Operations Manager, Operations Supervisor, General Operations Manager
  • Individual Contributors: Operations Coordinator, Operations Specialist, Operations Analyst, Operations Engineer, Process Engineer, Program Manager, Project Manager, Business Operations Specialist, Operations Engineer, Operations Advisor.
  • Einstiegslevel: Operations Intern, Operations Management Intern, Operations Assistant, Global Operations Intern, Entry Level Operations Analyst.

Here's a little more texture on each of the 6 Ops role tiers:

Positions for operations leaders

Operations generally reports to the Operations team, headed by the Director of Operations.

Examples of job titles for operations managers include:

  1. Operations Manager (Facebook, Beyond Meat)
  2. President and COO (Salesforce)
  3. Executive Vice President (EVP) of Global Operations (Microsoft has 2 Line of Business Leaders with titles related to EVP Ops)
  4. COO (used by TechCrunch)
  5. Director of Technology and Operations (Docusign)
  6. Head of Legal and Operations (Eventbrite)
  7. Co-Founder/Operation (Keep Truckin')

Vice President of Operations Titles

Examples of commonly used Vice President of Operations titles include:

  1. Vice President of Operations (Zeus Living Uses)
  2. Vice President of Global Operations
  3. Vice President und Head of Global Operations (Facebook)
  4. Vice President of Business and Commercial Operations (Facebook)
  5. Business management executive
  6. Senior Vice President of Operations
  7. EVP of Strategic Business Operations (Salesforce) (An EVP is usually #1 in operations, but in the case of Salesforce, they are #2 in operations because Salesforce has a President and a Chief Operating Officer)
  8. Senior Vice President of Operations (Sprout Social, Inc.)
  9. SVP for Growth and Operations (Splunk)
  10. Operations Manager (Keep Truckin')
  11. Head of Human Resources and Operations (VSC)
  12. Head of Operations (Juniper Square)

Title of Manager

Here are some of the most commonly used COO titles:

  1. manager
  2. Head of Operations
  3. Director of Commercial Operations
  4. Continuous Improvement Leader (Cargill used)
  5. Director of International Operations (Spin)
  6. Director of Commercial Operations
  7. Deputy Manager
  8. Senior Director of Business Operations (Beyond Meat)
  9. Strategy and Operations Manager (Slack)

Title of Manager

There are several alternative Operations Manager titles that can be used. Here are some examples:

  2. Senior Manager of Operations and Business Strategy (used by SurveyMonkey)
  4. Operations Manager (DoorDash)
  5. office manager
  6. manager
  7. Account-Operations-Manager
  8. Senior Business Operations Manager (Slack)

Values ​​of the individual employee company

If you go down to the level of the individual contributors to the operational roles, there is more granularity.

  1. operations coordinator
  2. Continuous Improvement Consultant
  3. Senior Process Engineer (Tesla USA)
  4. Operations Analyst
  5. Business economist
  6. operations staff
  7. Logistics (Sales)
  8. Operations Advisor
  9. Operations Engineer (Facebook)
  10. operations geologist
  11. Business Operations Associate (Linkedin)
  12. operating technology
  13. Operations Management Director

Job roles for entry into the company

Examples of basic operation titles are:

  1. Internal management
  2. Global Operations Intern (Facebook)
  3. Business administration assistance
  4. Internal management
  5. Entry Level Operations Project Manager
  6. Commercial operation Intern
  7. Strategy and Operations Intern (Salesforce)
  8. Business administration assistance
  9. in-house
  10. Entry-level Operations Analyst
  11. operations assistant

Main operational positions (candidates)

Below is a list of top 20 trading jobs based on Google searches that we foundAhrefs.

Operations Manager is the #1 job applicants are looking for and is also the #1 most in-demand job description in employers' operations (see top 10 list below).

Top 20 Operations Jobs [With Descriptions] (2)

11 Main business job titles and descriptions (employer)

Below are the top 11 Operations job description titlesEmployerquery in google, afterAhrefs.

I have included a brief description of each and the number of job title searches per month by employers.


An operations manager is a high-level manager who directs the efficiency and productivity of the company. The duties of an operations manager are:

  • Monitoring of financial information and budgets
  • HR management and workflow processes
  • Supply chain monitoring and inventory control
  • Company-wide policy creation
  • Develop long-term excellence initiatives

Number of job searches per month: 8,300


An operations manager, also known as an operations manager, manages the day-to-day operations and logistics of an organization. As a senior executive, a COO works directly with the CEO to implement strategies and plans to keep the business running smoothly. An operations manager manages major changes across the organization and communicates with all departments to ensure proper workflow.

Number of job searches per month: 3,200; operations managers: 1,700; operations manager: 250; Manager: 150


A Director of Operations is sometimes referred to as a COO in larger organizations. A Director of Operations helps senior management develop long-term business strategies and manages planning budgets and departmental goals. An operations manager is also responsible for overseeing the flow of work and ensuring optimal productivity and performance across the organization.

Number of job searches per month: 3,200; Manager: 250

operations coordinator

An operations coordinator works with an operations manager to ensure that each department's goals, meetings, and schedules are working in harmony. The day-to-day duties of an Operations Coordinator include:

  • conflict resolution
  • Project planning and scheduling
  • Sending internal communications
  • Manage Operations Manager schedule
  • Creation of departmental presentations.

Number of job searches per month: 700

Operations Analyst

An operations analyst conducts research and analyzes workflows to improve business operations. An operations analyst conducts internal audits and produces reports to propose plans and processes to improve an organization's results. Other responsibilities of an operations analyst include performing statistical analysis, evaluating the market environment, and reviewing employee performance records.

Number of job searches per month: 600; Operations Analyst: 450; Operations Research Analyst: 250; Business Process Analyst: 150; Business Operations Analyst: 150

Operations Specialist

An operations specialist is an experienced operations professional who works with senior management to improve workflow and day-to-day business activities. Operations Specialist responsibilities include:

  • identify customer needs
  • Development of business improvement plans.
  • Assist with departmental changes and improvements.
  • Ensure that company policies are followed
  • performance appraisal of employees

Number of job searches per month: 600; Commercial Operations Specialist: 150

operations assistant

An operations assistant is an entry-level role and handles administrative tasks related to the day-to-day activities of an organization. An operations assistant works directly with an operations manager to ensure a smooth workflow. Operations Assistant responsibilities vary by purchasing industry but may include:

  • Product inspection
  • Manage corporate communications.
  • schedule meetings
  • answer phone calls
  • Request company supplies

Number of job searches per month: 450

Vice President of Operations

A Vice President of Operations is a leadership role that manages the efficiency of an organization. A Vice President of Operations tracks industry changes and recommends processes to improve the organization's goals and processes. A vice president of operations develops new processes and makes recommendations for streamlining processes based on research from fellow operations staff. Monitoring profit margins and employee productivity are also responsibilities of a vice president of operations.

Number of job searches per month: 400; Vice President of Operations: 200; Vice President of Operations: 150

operations manager

An operations manager or operations manager directs the operations team to increase productivity and workflow. The duties of an operator include:

  • Provide employees with training to update their skills.
  • performance-based training
  • Maintain employee attendance records.
  • Delegate operational tasks to employees.
  • Assisting senior management with improvement plans.

Number of job searches per month:250; manager: 200; Commercial operations manager: 150; Manager: 150

operations staff

An operations associate works directly with the operations management team to provide recommendations to improve business performance. Other duties of an Operations Associate include:

  • Complete administrative tasks
  • Manage schedules and staff lists
  • Help create company-wide standards

Number of job searches per month: 250

operations engineer

A operations engineer is responsible for analyzing organizational systems and reporting on performance. A operations engineer uses data to create reports and make recommendations to improve workflow. An operations engineer also monitors operational trends that affect efficiency, cost savings, energy savings, time savings, and employee safety.

Number of job searches per month: 150

Creative job titles for operations

We also found these other fun/creative Operations jobs:

  1. Director of Inspiration(plant manager)
  2. Rockstar-Boss(COO)…SCVNGR-COO Michael Hagan,
  3. culture manager(Managing Director/Personnel)
  4. Operation Ninja(Operations-Generalist)

Here are some fun Ops titles too:

  1. COO: "Other boss" stuff nobody wants to deal with)(GURREN)
  2. Operations Manager: Head of Compliance(GURREN)
  3. Certainly one of the best maniacs.(COO)... That was on the business card of an unidentified COO

See more examples of fun Operation titles (even for the Head of Operations) here:]

Thank you Trading Post Specialists!

In addition to the sources cited above, special thanks go to these stock trading experts:

  1. Robinhood article onWhat is an operations manager?
  2. Article by wiseGeek aboutWhat is an operations coordinator?
  3. von Study.comJob Description of Operations Assistant.
  4. Y Scouts article onWhat to look for in a Vice President of Operations.

Why did I write this?

My team and I share this research on operational roles to help you optimize your own roles. This supports our mission to transform job descriptions. to verifyongig.comLearn more.

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What is the highest position in operations? ›

A Chief Operations Officer (COO) is responsible for managing the business operations of a company. The COO answers to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is among the highest-ranking employees in the corporation.

What roles are considered operations? ›

In most businesses, operations managers oversee the big picture of their organization. They are responsible for managing processes, purchasing, accounting, human resources, inventory, and IT. There are different levels to an operations manager's career path.

What is the hierarchy of operations department? ›

Operation management hierarchy structure consists of three levels of management systems - First Level Managers , Mid Level Managers , Upper Level Manager.

What is a creative job title for operations? ›

Creative Job Titles for Operations

Chief Inspiration Officer (Head of Operations) Chief Rockstar (COO)… SCVNGR COO Michael Hagan, Culture Operations Manager (Operations/HR Officer)

What are the different levels of operations? ›

Levels of Operations Management

Operations management includes three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. The strategic level defines company goals, and the tactical level outlines a plan to implement that strategy. The operations level contains the daily operations required to produce the desired outcome.

What is the highest salary in operations management? ›

Operations Manager salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.7 Lakhs to ₹ 18.8 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.9 Lakhs. Salary estimates are based on 63.5k latest salaries received from Operations Managers.

What are the six areas of operations? ›

Generally, the six functional areas of business management involve strategy, marketing, finance, human resources, technology and equipment, and operations. Therefore, all business planners should concentrate on researching and thoroughly understanding these areas as they relate to the individual business.

What are the 4 categories of operations? ›

What are the 4Vs of Operations Management? The 4Vs – the 4 dimensions of operations are: Volume, Variety, Variation and Visibility. They can be used to assess all different types of business operations and understand how any why they operate, their key competitive strengths, weaknesses and different approaches.

What are the five major categories of operations? ›

Whatever operation needs a solid plan, there are five major components to focus on: Preparation, marketing, logistics, human resources (HR) and financial limits.

What is higher than an operations manager? ›

A director of operations holds superiority over general managers and other employees. General managers are often right below directors in the company's ranking.

What are three operations management roles? ›

Planning, organizing, and strategizing the daily operations and routine is the primary function of operations management. A well-planned implemented strategy can help in meeting the deadlines and production goals of an organization.

Is operations manager a high position? ›

The Operations Manager serves in a senior position and, as such, they are expected to have significant prior experience when applying for the position. While a small company may be seeking a minimum of 3 – 5 years of experience, larger companies may require a decade or more.

What is a good job title for someone who does everything? ›

Generalist — this title is often used in HR (e.g., HR Generalist) and means someone who does a bit of everything in their HR Department. Person of Many Skills — Kagoagh Resort and Fishing Lodge uses this simple inclusive title.

What is a good operations resume? ›

Operations Skills To Include:
  • Significant experience managing personnel.
  • Strong verbal and written communication.
  • Great project management and time management.
  • Ability to think critically and analytically.
  • Good problem-solving skills.

How do you build a career in operations? ›

Steps to Becoming an Operations Manager
  1. Step 1: Earn a Bachelor's Degree Related to Business and Operations Management. ...
  2. Step 2: Gain Work Experience in Management. ...
  3. Step 3: Earn an Advanced Degree or Graduate Certificate. ...
  4. Step 4: Earn Industry Certification in an Operations Management-Related Area (Optional)

What are the three most common levels of operations? ›

The organization of operations management can be categorized into three specific levels: strategic/top level/longterm management. Tactical/functional/medium term/middle level management.

What are the three basic types of operations? ›

Input, processing and output operations rely extensively on primary storage. Input data is stored in memory, the CPU uses memory when processing data, and processing output is staged to memory before being sent to the output unit.

What is a Level 4 operation? ›

At this stage you are no longer able to tolerate or manage your osteoarthritis symptoms and may be a suitable candidate for surgery. At this stage you are no longer able to tolerate or manage your symptoms. Seek advice from your GP.

Can you make a lot of money in operations? ›

Business operations managers earn a median salary of about $96,000 per year, according to US News & World Report, making them some of the highest-earners in operations management. Their job is to help every department meet its goals and reduce waste.

How much does an ops manager at amazon make? ›

The estimated total pay for a Operations Manager at Amazon is $169,985 per year. This number represents the median, which is the midpoint of the ranges from our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model and based on salaries collected from our users. The estimated base pay is $84,726 per year.

What salary should I ask for as a Operations Manager? ›

The average Operations Manager salary in the United States is $112,690 as of May 01, 2023, but the range typically falls between $96,778 and $125,357.

What are the 4 major management operation functions? ›

They were initially identified as five functions by Henri Fayol in the early 1900s. Over the years, Fayol's functions were combined and reduced to the following four main functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

What are the 5 activities of operations management? ›

Primary activities of operations management include job design, scheduling, materials management, capacity management, facilities management, and quality management.

What position is head of operations? ›

A Head of Operations, or Operations Manager oversees the operational activities of a business and ensures that the workforce is productive. Their duties include working with other senior staff on strategic planning, ensuring that staff are all aware of operational best practices and implementing new technologies.

What is above head of operations? ›

A VP of operations, or vice president of operations, is a top-level company official who oversees all of their organization's operations.

What is higher than a director of operations? ›

Within a corporate hierarchy, the director of operations reports to the chief executive officer (CEO) and is an executive-level position, working with senior-level management and C-suite positions.

Is head of operations higher than director? ›

The biggest difference between the 'head of' and director roles is the scale of the position. A 'head of' is like a director-level role but at a smaller scale. Therefore, they are able to direct their team and have more face time with each employee. Directors are managing large-scale operations.

What department is a VP of operations? ›

Further, the VP of Operations is responsible for overseeing all Department Leaders within an organization, including the Director of Business Development. They are responsible for overseeing HR, sales, finance and marketing initiatives.

What does a VP of operations do? ›

The Vice President of Operations will plan, direct, coordinate, and oversee operations activities in the organization, ensuring development and implementation of efficient operations and cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the organization.

What is another name for director of operations? ›

Alternative titles for the COO include chief operations officer, operations director, director of operations and vice president of operations. A COO is a member of the C-suite, a term that describes a company's senior executives, including the CEO and chief financial officer (CFO), who often work collaboratively.

What is the next level after operations manager? ›

Once a person becomes an operations manager, they have several career moves they can make. They can continue to become a senior operations manager, director of operations, and even COO. Or they can pivot and transition to process managers or purchasing managers.

What are the highest positions in management? ›

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ...
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ...
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) ...
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) ...
  • Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) ...
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Who is higher GM or operations manager? ›

While a GM is responsible for all aspects of a business, an operations manager is only responsible for operations and production. A GM's responsibilities are broader in scope and include HR, marketing, and strategy. An operations manager's role tends to be more specific, with experience in a particular niche industry.

What is above vice president of operations? ›

The VP of operations, also known as the chief operating officer (COO), is part of the high-ranking executives, alongside the CEO (chief executive officer), CFO (chief financial officer), and CIO (chief operating officer).

What is the difference between operations lead and operations manager? ›

In many companies, the role of manager and team lead require different perspectives or focuses. A team lead's duties often focus more on encouraging growth and building positive relationships. They focus primarily on their team members and their progress. A manager's duties focus more on efficiency data.


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