These 22 High-Paying Jobs Don't Require a University Degree in the UK and US (2023)

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September 16, 2015
These 22 High-Paying Jobs Don't Require a University Degree in the UK and US

These 22 high-paying jobs don't require a university degree in the UK and US and in this article.

By Catalina Adenle

Do you need a high-paying job without a college degree? These 22 high-paying jobs don't require a university degree in the UK and US, as shown in the infographic above.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 60% of workers in the US do not have a bachelor's degree. However, if you have an associate's or high school degree, you can still land a high-paying job!

I know it's hard to get a high-paying job without a degree, but there are jobs that can earn you a lot of money annually without a college degree.

A university degree is no longer a passport to reaching the highest professional heights in life. While attending a college or university as recommended in the United States has never been more popular, with student loan debt soaring and thousands of graduates crowding the sidewalks in search of a high-paying job, it is not necessarily the best and only option for many young people, especially those who do not have the means or support to go to higher institutions.

"College has been the preferred path for the middle class since the end of World War II," said Anthony Carnevale, director of the Center for Education and Employment at Georgetown University. “Now is not just preferable; It's becoming popular very quickly because the entry-level skill requirements for many jobs have increased."

Skipping college doesn't have to mean sudden career death for you.These 22 High-Paying Jobs Don't Require a University Degree in the UK and US (2)

Gone are the days when it was believed that a bachelor's degree was the only key to financial success. As explained in these 22 High-Paying Jobs That Don't Require a Bachelor's Degree in the UK and US, avoiding university doesn't necessarily mean sudden career death.

The truth is, smart people are always looking for career "workarounds" and other ways to have a high-paying career that doesn't involve huge college or student loan debt. In all honesty, many people without a college degree do exceptionally well in business and in life.

Of the 22 high-paying jobs that don't require a university degree in the UK and US. Infographic along with information about SlideShare (Top 300 Jobs Without a Four Year Degree)Embedded below, you can easily decide and select a career of interest to explore.

"More and more people are wondering if going to college is the most effective way to spend $100,000 and four years of my life. Instead of choosing between law school and medical school, they make a third choice and go away."– Dale Stephens, an educational futurist.

It is now more common than ever for many employers to offer accelerated training programs for non-university applicants to stand out from the competition at interviews. There is a growing supply of practical training and work experience in various organizations for unskilled people.

Prepare for professional success without a college degree by applying

This is not an article to condemn a college degree. Of course, it would be great if we could all afford college and get a degree. However, this is not possible. So it's about using equally satisfying alternative paths to your own professional happiness. Making an expensive investment in education without seeing a large return on investment over several years is not the only way to advance professionally. In industries where hands-on experience is just as valuable as academic qualifications, jumping right into work-based learning can set you apart from the college package without huge overdrafts.

If you have the means and opportunity, a college degree is essential. But persistence, creativity, and entrepreneurship will also get you ahead in life. A college education is important, but it shouldn't dictate your career peak in life. That said, I still think a strong foundation in education is mandatory because it provides a framework on which to build.

Why studying isn't necessarily "all that" anymore.

Why do I think a degree shouldn't determine how successful you are in life? Well, an impulsive personality is always far away. For some, education can be a stepping stone or a barrier to greater achievement. If education proves to be an obstacle, enterprising spirits will drop it and go their own way. For example, these people didn't go to college but successfully applied: Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell, Kevin Rose, Rachael Ray, Larry Ellison, etc. you off-track plays. your entrepreneurial spirit

22 high-paying jobs don't require a university degree in the UK and US.:

These are the 10 jobs that can earn you around £45,000-60,000 a year and don't require a UK degree!

  1. Pilot: £60,000
  2. Police Officers (Inspector and above): £55,241
  3. Manager (Marketing and Sales): £56,029
  4. Air Traffic Controllers: £53,911
  5. Human resources and employment managers: £53,717
  6. Senior Local Government Officials: £46,755
  7. Fire, Ambulance and Prison Officers (Senior): £45,810
  8. Managers (property, houses and land): £43,810
  9. Driver: £50,231
  10. Manager (Customer Support): £40,800

These are the 12 jobs that can earn you from $57,000 to $112,000 a year that don't require an American degree!

1. Air Traffic Controller: $112,930
2. Storage and Distribution Manager: $70,600
3. Transportation manager: $69,600
4. Chief of Police and Detectives: $64,430
5. Non-Retail Sales Manager: $59,300
6. Forest Fire Prevention and Control Authority: $58,920
7. Municipal Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Supervisor: $58,902
8. Broker: $58,720
9. Elevator Installers and Repairs: $58,710
10. Sales Agent: $58,580
11. Dental Hygienist: $58,350
12. Radiotherapy: $57,700

Note that monetary values ​​are average wages.

The 22 high-paying jobs in the UK and US do not require a university degree. The infographic above shows just a few examples of job opportunities for UK and US adults without a university degree. Over the years, I've seen that working hard and moving up the career ladder is far more important to an employer than a degree. Even if you start in a low paying position in a company, using your skills, tenacity and creativity you will quickly see how you differentiate yourself and are perceived by your employer and the value you bring. This opens the door to higher-paying jobs without a college degree.

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Now that you know the 22 high paying jobs that don't require a degree in the UK and US, can you share with us other high paying jobs that don't require a degree in other parts of the world by adding your comments below?

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