The Best Trampoline Parks in Perth for Kids | WITH DISCOUNTS! (2023)

And so?school holidaysIf you're looking for somewhere to let off steam with the kids, on a weekend or a rainy day, we've compiled a long list of the BEST trampoline parks in Perth.Washingtonfor kids just for you!

Trampoline parks in Perth are a growing trend and these centers offer parents a fun way to get the kids out of the house and get some family exercise. Trampoline in Perth can be a great way to develop balance, leg strength, aerial awareness and much more.

With all these benefits, it's no wonder that indoor trampoline parks in Perth have become a hugely popular family attraction. Fortunately for children in Perth, there are many trampoline centers to choose from. Whether you're looking for a place to casually bounce around or regularly commit to improving a child's trampoline skills, our article provides a comprehensive list of Perth trampoline parks to include one in yours that you can find nearby.

Excited to take the family on a fun and upbeat adventure? So be sure to visit some of these places that are our favorite trampoline parks in Perth.

BOUNCE Inc. Cannington

Cannington's Bounce Inc offers a wide variety of fun activities for the whole family. The main attraction here is the Free Jump Arena, which is home to a huge network of about 50 interconnected floor and wall trampolines, drop slopes and sloping walls. You can also go for slam dunk to show off your basketball skills. Practice some of your flips on the Big Bag with a guaranteed smooth landing, or head over to the Super Tramp for a serious passing game.

If you're up for the challenge, grab some friends over for a game of dodgeball. Come for Super Sessions on Fridays or Night Jams on Saturday nights. For kids who want to improve their jumping skills, Bounce Inc also offers classes like Ninja Squad and KinderGym. Check the website for prices. Reservations can be made online.

Standard:Monday to Friday (10am to 9pm) Saturday (9am to 9pm) Sunday (9am to 7pm)

ADDRESS:1371 Albany Highway, Cannington WA 6107

Site web: Click here

Bounce Arena Trampolinpark

The Best Trampoline Parks in Perth for Kids | WITH DISCOUNTS! (1)

Rebound Arena Trampoline Park offers a variety of family activities to choose from. If you're looking for a place to kick back and do your own thing, check out Free Bounce's main court. With over 30 interconnected trampolines, kids of all levels can jump, practice their tricks and have fun.

For those who want to gain height, the Airbag Jump offers extreme air with a smooth landing. Otherwise, grab some friends and challenge yourself to a game of dodgeball or show off your basketball skills in a slam dunk. If you're looking for a break from jumping, head to Boulder Dash to climb a variety of walls.

Parents and kids looking to unwind from all the action can head to the cafeteria, which offers a variety of beverages and snacks.

Reservations for Arena Rebote can be made online through the website. Prices vary according to the time of visit. General admission starts at $18 for a one-hour session and $10 for additional hours.

Standard:Monday to Saturday (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) Sunday (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)

ADDRESS:Unit 6/2 Blackburn Dr, Port Kennedy WA 6172

World Aerial Fun Trampolim

Aerial Fun Trampoline World in Malaga offers a variety of fun activities for families. The site features over 500 square meters of interconnected trampolines to jump on, as well as basketball courts for kids to show off their skills. Junior areas are also available for children under the age of 7, who are also equipped with a foam jumping bag. Those in need of a break to recharge can head to the Aerial Fun cafeteria, which offers hot food, drinks, cakes and ice cream.

For those looking to invite family and friends over for a special occasion, Aerial Fun can also organize private events. Reservations are recommended to avoid disappointment. Grippy socks are also required. General admission is $15 per person for one hour, additional hours are $10. Family passes are also available for $45 per hour (2 adults, 2 children OR 1 adult, 3 children).

Standard:From Thursday to Sunday (9:00 am to 6:00 pm)

ADDRESS:Calle Playa 1/1968, Malaga WA 6090

Site web: Click here

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Trampolimpark Calleya

The Calleya Estate Playground in Banjup is home to an array of treasures for children to explore. This includes two built-in mini trampolines. The trampoline sizes are big enough for one child at a time, with a softer area around them.

In addition to trampolines, the park also includes slides, sensory toys, swings, running boards and more. In addition, the park has 3 picnic tables, barbecue grills and a water fountain. Also included are netball and basketball courts and a large grassy area.

Standard:open 24/7

ADDRESS:Banjup WA6164

Site web:N / D

Aufblasbarer World Shenton Park

The Best Trampoline Parks in Perth for Kids | WITH DISCOUNTS! (3)

With Australia's largest indoor inflatable playground, there is sure to be something for everyone at Shenton Park Inflatable World. The playground includes high slides, via ferrata, Velcro walls and many other games and activities.

If you want to invite more friends and family, the facility can also accommodate larger groups for special occasions such as birthday parties, school trips, corporate events and Christmas parties.

You can also buy food for those with an appetite, but feel free to bring your own snacks. It is important to remember that it is mandatory to wear socks to play on the apparatus. If you forget to bring your socks, you can purchase them on site for $2.50 a pair.

Inflatable World sessions last 2 hours and start after purchasing the wristband. Prices vary by age group: children ages 5 and older are $14 and children ages 4 and younger are $7. Visit the website for more deals and details.

Standard:Friday (10am to 3pm) Saturday and Sunday (10am to 6pm)

ADDRESS:Revolution Sports, 37 Lemnos Street, Shenton Park WA 6008

Site web: Click here

Latitude Trampolinpark

The Best Trampoline Parks in Perth for Kids | WITH DISCOUNTS! (4)

Perth's Latitude hosts a generous collection of activities to keep the whole family entertained and challenged. From trampolines, climbing walls and obstacle courses, there is sure to be something for everyone. The main jumping arena consists of over 100 interconnected trampolines so kids of all levels can jump and do whatever they want.

The park also includes a giant air pocket for smooth landings, dodgeball courts and basketball courts to show off your diving skills. Children looking for some height can enjoy the Olympic trampolines. Those looking for a break from jumping can jump on The Grid obstacle course or climb walls. General sessions for children ages 5 and older are $20 for the first hour and $13 for each additional hour.

Standard:Monday to Thursday (10am to 7pm) Friday and Saturday (10am to 9pm) Sunday (10am to 6pm)

ADDRESS:35/57 Joondalup Dr, Edgewater WA 6027

Site web: Click here

gravity etc

Gravity Etc offers a wide range of inflatable activities for the whole family to participate in. The facility offers a large area of ​​trampolines, mats, inclined trampolines and much more. Kids who want to gain height and practice their stars can jump in the Big Air. Embrace high heels, with an airbag underneath for smooth landings. Those looking to show off their basketball skills can head over to Hot Shots to shoot some baskets and show off their slam dunk skills.

Otherwise, grab some friends and head to the dodgeball arena or the beamator (fight friends with a big foam stick). Gravity Etc can also host special events if you're thinking of bringing some friends and family. A complete list of prices and session times can be found on the Gravity Etc website.

Standard:Sunday (10 am to 4 pm) Friday (10 am to 6 pm) Saturday (10 am to 9:30 pm)

ADDRESS:43 Paseo Norton, Dalyellup WA 6230

Site web: Click here


Peak Trampoline provides children with a regular form of engaged exercise through trampoline lessons. There are a variety of recreational and competitive classes for all ages and skill levels. These aim to develop flying skills, improving coordination and body awareness.

For a complete list of courses and prices, contact the facility. The Peak Trampoline can also host birthday parties, with packages that include 90 minutes of jumping and food.

Standard:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (6:00 am to 8:30 pm) Wednesday (10:00 am to 8:30 pm) Saturday (8:00 am to 3:00 pm) Sunday (10:00 am to 2:00 pm) :00:00) :00:00 M.)

ADDRESS:10 Court, 5 Wembley Court, Subiaco WA 6008

Site web: Click here

high flying

The Best Trampoline Parks in Perth for Kids | WITH DISCOUNTS! (5)

High Flyer's Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy hosts a variety of programs designed to help children improve their technique. The recreational trampoline course is ideal for children aged 5-12 who want to learn some basic skills. On the other hand, competitive trampoline courses are perfect for anyone looking to incorporate some twists into their jumps.

The course aims to build confidence through body movement, build strength, improve posture and flexibility, and develop spatial awareness. Participants can practice synchronized trampolines, double mini trampolines or single trampolines. Prices vary - consider contacting the venue for a complete list of courses and costs.

Standard:N / D

ADDRESS:29 Dellamarta Rd, Wangara WA 6065

Site web: Click here

Southern Star Trampoline and Gymnastics


The Southern Star Trampoline and Gymnastics Academy hosts a variety of recreational and competitive classes and can accommodate children of all skill levels. Recreational courses are designed for children ages 5 and up with the aim of improving aerial awareness, confidence and dexterity.

Competitive classes, on the other hand, help children reach their full potential on the trampoline in a fun and safe environment. For the little ones who want to get into the world of gymnastics, there are children's gymnastics courses for children from 18 months to 5 years old. Visit the facility's website for fees and hours.

Standard:N / D

ADDRESS:146 Carrington St, O'Connor WA 6163

The best trampoline parks in Perth

The trampoline can be a fun way to get kids moving with the whole family. Not only is exercise great for improving coordination and aerial awareness, but the trampoline can also improve leg strength and balance. Don't forget, it's fun! Also, parents usually don't have to wait in the wings. Make your childhood dreams come true and join us.

Whether kids want an easy jump or regular lessons to improve their technique, Perth can deliver. The city is home to a wide variety of trampoline parks to suit all tastes. Jump on hundreds of interconnected trampolines, jump in foam pits, practice your dunks, challenge each other to games of hopscotch or enroll kids in various courses to improve their skills and introduce them to new people.

So if you've been dying to take the family to one of Perth's many trampoline parks, consider some of these places.

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