The 7 Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes Trending in 2023 (2023)

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Finding the right hair color to match your eye color can be difficult. Luckily, brown eyes pair well with many different hair colors. This article will discuss the best hair color for brown eyes depending on the look you want.

The 7 best hair colors for brown eyes

Brown eyes can be a color matching challenge as they are a mix of many colors including green, brown and gold.The best hair color for brown eyes brings out the natural undertones in your eyes without making them look washed out.

Some colors that tend to look goodhazel eyesthey are:

  • copper
  • chestnut
  • rotblond
  • Goldblond
  • dark honey blonde
  • hazelnut
  • Zimtbraun

One18% of the US populationHe has brown eyes, but one person's eyes can look completely different from another. They are usually a combination of brown and green, but can have spots and spots that make them even more intricate and unique.

Read on to discover the best hair color for your brown eyes, depending on whether they're more brown, more green, a bit of gold, or a unique combination of all three.

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1. Copper

Copper is an auburn color that is a great hair color for people with hazel eyes as it enhances brown and gold tones. And if your eyes are on the greener side, this brown hair color can provide a nice contrast.

This color is perfect for fair to medium skin tones and pairs well with all hair types, from straight to curly. Many people who sport this hair color choose subtle waves because they can add dimension and texture to their hair.

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If you're looking to try new hair colors for your eye color but have doubts, copper is a good balance of being unique and vibrant while still looking natural and soothing.

Try copper if you have brown eyes and are looking for a new hair color that will make your eyes pop no matter what color predominates.

2. braun

Auburn is another fantastic color option for hazel eyes. Like copper, it's a reddish color that contrasts well with hazel-green eyes or enhances golden undertones in auburn eyes.

This hair color is a wonderful option if you like the idea of ​​auburn hair but have darker features and want a low-maintenance color. Maroon is a darker, richer shade of red that can add an extra dimension to your hair.

Maroon is best for people with darker skin tones, but it can also work on lighter skin tones.It's also a good color for all hair types and can look casual, chic, trendy or relaxed depending on how you style it.Overall, red is a fantastic choice for any hazel-eyed version.

3. Strawberry Blonde

If you've ever thought about dying your hair blonde but felt that a typical shade of blonde wasn't for you, strawberry blonde could be the hair color of your dreams.This hair color is a beautiful combination of blonde and red tones that can make your eyes shine.

Those with hazel eyes will find that the strawberry undertones in this color help bring out the green, while those with more golden undertones in their eyes will find that the blonde hair color does a great job of bringing out those undertones.

Strawberry blonde is a good color for many skin tones, but generally works best with cool, fair, or neutral skin tones.

If you have blemishes, spots, or different color patterns on your brown eyes, a strawberry blonde hair color with highlights will look fabulous. Your hair will look as dynamic as your eyes.

4. Golden Blonde

Golden blonde hair is a color that best suits brown-eyed people who have a golden brown color and warmer skin tones. See why it works.

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First, the golden undertones in this hair color will take any golden tones that may be in your brown eyes and make them even more pronounced. Second, the warmth of this hair color complements any warmth in your skin tone.

If you have a very light, cool skin tone, golden blonde hair may not be the best option as it can make you look washed out. However, if you have a warm skin tone, this color can accentuate your features.

This color also works well on all hair types, but those with wavy or curly hair may find that it enhances its natural texture.Golden blonde is a beautiful and unique hair color that can accentuate brown eyes in a subtle, charming, and feminine way.

5. Dark Honey Blonde

This hair color is perfect for people with brown eyes that contain more green. Dark honey blonde takes the green and makes it even more pronounced.

This beautiful hair color works for people with all skin tones, but it works amazingly well for those with warm skin tones. It's also a good color for all hair types, but can bring out the natural texture of wavy or curly hair.

If you are looking for a unique and natural hair color that will make your hazel eyes pop, dark honey blonde is a great choice.

6. Hazelnut

Hazel is a dark brown hair color that looks great with any type of brown eyes, and not just because they share a name.This hair color does a great job of complementing and accentuating the different colors that can be present in brown eyes.

Hazelnut is also a great choice for people of all skin tones, but it works incredibly well for those with cool, neutral skin tones.

If you have curly or wavy hair, this color can help bring out its natural texture and look extra attractive when you add some highlights that are a little lighter.Overall, hazelnut is a safe, versatile, and beautiful option that works well with any time of day, outfit, or occasion.

7. Hellbraun

Last but not least is cinnamon brown, similar to hazelnut but with slightly redder undertones.This hair color is perfect for people with brown eyes with a little more gold or green, as the red undertones help bring out those colors.

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Cinnamon brown is also a good color choice for people with all types of skin tones, but like hazel, it works well for those with neutral or cool skin tones.

We love cinnamon brown hair with brown eyes because they are similar as both can look slightly different depending on the lighting.In other words, they're dynamic and interesting, which we think is a great combination.

This color also works well for various occasions throughout the year.

The reds show up in spring and summer, but it's dark enough to stay shaded in fall and winter.In general, cinnamon brown is a unique and intriguing color that works well for many people with brown eyes.

frequently asked questions

The 7 Best Hair Colors for Brown Eyes Trending in 2023 (1)


If you have more questions about the best hair color for brown eyes, or this eye color in general, read on for answers to some common questions.

What is the best color for brown eyes?

Brown eyes are dynamic and unique to each person, so the best hair color for brown eyes depends on your specific shade and hazel undertone.If you have more gold in your eyes, golden blonde, strawberry blonde and auburn are great hair colors.

If you're more green, red, copper, and strawberry blonde are great options.And if your brown eyes are more brown, cinnamon brown, hazelnut, copper and dark honey blonde are the best options.

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What nationality do you have brown eyes?

Although the color of the eyes isgenetically determined, it is known that no nationality has brown eyes, since this eye color is present in people all over the world.However, we often see this in North Africa, in the Middle East, in Spain,Scottish, and of Brazilian descent.

What color makes brown eyes look green?

Olive green and coral orange are two colors that can bring out the green in your hazel eyes. You may not want to dye your hair with these colors, but you can use them on your clothes or makeup for an extra touch.

Do brown eyes lighten with age?

Yes, brown eyes can get lighter with age as the pigment in the iris begins to break down. This process usually occurs gradually over time.

Are brown eyes attractive?

Yes, brown eyes are dynamic, unique and beautiful. They can change color depending on your mood or outfit, making them even more exciting and attractive.

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So what is the best hair color for brown eyes?

We hope this article has helped you better understand the best hair color for brown eyes. As you can see, many different hair colors can make brown eyes stand out.

Try different hair colors and shades to find the perfect one for you. And don't hesitate to consult a professional stylist before making any drastic changes to your hair.


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