The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (2023)


Best overall selfie stick

40-inch BZE can be expanded

Renewal amount:40 inch |Mobile phone connection system:screw on


Screw-on mobile phone accessories

great expanse

Compatible with other small cameras


thin tripod legs

He40-inch BZE can be expandedIt is a compact and versatile option. It folds into a super-portable profile and also offers a screw-clamp mount, a 40-inch extension, and a kickstand. A mount adapter allows you to accommodate other cameras, such as a GoPro, further increasing the versatility of a do-anything device. The bolt-on mounting system kept our devices secure, even during our vibration tests. When we brought this product through the mountains, we never felt it was too bulky or too heavy to carry, regardless of the packaging used. In the end, our drop tests showed that the BZE was as durable as it was versatile.

MenBZEA lot fits into a relatively small package, we found the tripod legs less inspiring on uneven surfaces. There was also some movement in the telescopic extension, although this should not be a problem for many users as the safety of device mounting is a priority. The BZE is best for those looking for a selfie stick that focuses on mobile phone versatility and security.

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The best value for money

V-proof Bluetooth-selfie

Renewal amount:26 inch |Mobile phone connection system:the dock

HeV-proof Bluetooth-selfieit's incredibly simplified. It was the lightest and smallest (when in storage) selfie stick we tested. The simple design has an external (non-removable) shutter built into the handle, and extensions can be made by simply pulling the end of the stick. It performed well for its weight in shake and drop tests, making this product excellent value for money. It offers a super-fast setup, which is useful for taking that spontaneous shot at a party or on vacation.

Hevtestit lacks support, which could be a deal breaker for some. If that's your case, consider checking out other models we've tested, such as the40-inch BZE can be expandedof die eneSupport for life limits. In our drop test, in the fifth round of the concrete drop test, the removable battery (to power the remote release) fell out of the bottom of the handle, even though the post held together farther. During the vibration test, the phone held up for most of the test, but faltered on the last four vibrations, which we still found impressive given the size of the mount. The Vproof is best for those shopping on a budget and looking for a well-built, lightweight model where portable use is expected.

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excellent for travel

ATUMTEK Bluetooth can be expanded

Renewal amount:31,3 inch |Mobile phone connection system:the dock


Foldable to a small profile.

A decent mobile phone remains safe because of its weight



Only compatible with a mobile phone

shortest extension length

From head to toe, heAtumtekIt is built with light but high quality materials and design. While we would have liked a bolt-on system, the spring-loaded cell phone mount was easy to use and passed our vibration test without any movement or interference. It offered a number of standard features, including a tripod and shutter remote, which were simple, functional, and durable. What really stood out to him was the build quality when extending or storing the pole. When extended, the telescopic sections didn't move in the slightest as they were shaken and dropped, which was a rarity in this review. The saved profile resembled that of an electric toothbrush and fit easily into the luggage, handbag or hiking bag we used during testing. Finally, the durability of this product was unwavering, which surprised us given its light weight.

HeAtumtekit has a spread of about 31.3 inches, which is better than many products in this review, but some will still find this limiting in the photos they take. The tripod and remote shutter functions allow shots to be taken at greater distances, but the short extension also limits the height of the camera when using the tripod. Finally, this option is only compatible with mobile phones, which significantly limits the capabilities of the device. This is best for mobile phone photographers looking for a model they can always have with them while on the go. .

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A design focused on the stand

Lifelimit phone holder

Renewal amount:54 inch |Device confirmation system:screw on


Expandable large tripod design

Section locks ensure safe extension

light for size



moderate durability

Helife limitIt has a tripod design that greatly promotes its use in places where weight and space are not an issue. This product is by far the biggest competitor we've tested, but it offers a sturdy and secure tripod system where each telescopic extension is secured with flip-locks, similar to a trekking pole. At 54 inches, this rack system provides the largest review extension, with the average extension for other products being around 25 to 30 inches. We also loved the screw mount for mobile phones, which easily passed our device's vibration test. Lifelimit offers the standard Bluetooth shutter remote with rechargeable battery and is compatible with Apple or Android operating systems.

Helife limitIt's more of a tripod than a selfie stick, making it incredibly bulky to carry around or shoot handheld. Also, some small parts broke off during our drop test, including part of the shackle tensioner knob. In the end, after the drop test, everything turned out to be equally functional, but it did not inspire confidence for a more robust use of a tripod. The Lifelimit is best for those looking for a tripod-focused option where weight and space are less of a concern.

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A unique tripod design

Erligpowht phone holder

Renewal amount:0 inch |Mobile phone connection system:the dock


Ball heads allow maximum adjustment of the camera angle.

Flexible tripod legs

Compatible with various cameras


no extension

HeErligpowht phone holderIt is a unique design and well built. The centerpiece is the tripod leg, which is made of flexible rubber material that allows the pole to be attached to a railing or tree branch. While it took some getting used to, we loved the design of this mount for its incredibly small size compared to its functionality. Plus, it can be used with a variety of cameras depending on camera screw diameters, which was a rarity in this review. The ball joint that allows for mounting mobility was our favorite angle adjustment throughout the review, with a turnbuckle holding the ball joint tight.

HeReally coolhas absolutely no stretch. On an otherwise great product, this was a major problem that we struggled to resolve during testing. Without an extension, we couldn't use this device very effectively as a portable model and even had its drawbacks as a tripod. The flexible legs are great, but we had several instances where we wanted the tripod to be higher off the ground for shooting, and unless there's something like a tree, fence, or utility pole nearby, you're just out of luck. The Erligpowht is best for those who want a tripod-oriented option for trips where luggage space is limited.

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Why you should trust us

After market research, we've sourced 5 of the best selfie sticks to review side by side. We tested the products in this review by spending several hours on each option over four weeks. Each product was subjected to five concrete drop tests and an intensive shake test to examine durability and how well each product could withstand an electronic device. In addition, we examine the characteristics and value of each product.

Zach Joseph is leading the testing and research for this review. In addition to being a technical product reviewer, Zach has spent nearly a decade as a photographer in the mountains, generating paid content and mentoring students and clients. Many of the clients Zach has taken to the mountains have brought selfie sticks/tripods to maximize photographic opportunities in environments inherently unique to the alpine environment. In addition, we consulted several other opinions on the more subjective categories of this review.

The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (19)
The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (20)
The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (21)

Results of analyzes and tests.

To determine the best selfie stick, we created four categories to rank each product head to head. These categories include device safety, durability, features, and value.

security unit

First of all, a selfie stick should be an extension of your hand, so don't let go of your precious electronic devices while taking a selfie. For this metric, we created a rigorous test we call the Shake Test. We measured a distance of four feet from a wall, placed a pillow under our test area, attached a mobile phone to the product, and shook it 50 times at that four-foot distance. We recorded the number of shakes before the cell phone was dropped, and even performed the 50 shake test twice on each product, using the average between the two test results as the product score.

The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (22)

HeBZEat the top of the list under the security category device. While there were several products that passed the vibration test, the BZE was one of the few options that offered a screw-in mobile phone holder. This holder offers a much firmer grip than the more common spring-loaded mobile phone. The other product that offered a screw clamp mount waslife limit, which performed very well in this category, but seemed less durable.

The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (23)


Selfie sticks will naturally take a beating throughout their lives, whether the owner is a world traveler, parent, or social media influencer. We decided to test the durability five times in a row with an old one and a half meter drop test on concrete. After the drop test, we examined each product from head to toe to see if anything was broken and if any functionality had been reduced or lost. We also tested each product in a hiking/climbing environment where they were dropped, scratched, thrown and twisted to see how they would hold up during 'adventurous photo shoots'.

the easyAtumtekhe stood out in this measure for his resistance to falls and drugs outside the home. The most common durability complaint was that the telescopic parts of the extensions came loose after durability testing. At Atumtek, the extensions and the rest of the selfie stick were equally functional and solid before and after durability testing.

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We rate each product in the Features category based on the number of features, the relevance of those features, and the functionality of those features. We have created two parts for the feature statistics, including basic features and additional features. We define the basic features of a selfie stick as an extension, remote shutter release, tripod and mobile phone holder. For added features, we've added multi-camera compatibility, photo lighting, and a bolt-on device mount. The most effective method we used to test the features was to put each product on as rigorous a day of selfies as possible, which included carrying selfie sticks up and down climbs and hikes. Taking each model out for extended use revealed the quality (or lack thereof) of each device's features and any notable design nuances.

Hevtestit worked well and had one of the lowest prices listed in the review for a decent product. Most of the other products in this review were twice as expensive as the Vproof.

The 4 best selfie sticks of 2023 (25)


There are many different selfie sticks on the market, so finding the right one for you can be overwhelming. To help you, we review different models and highlight the performance of each model. We hope the products we've tested will help you find the perfect product for your needs and budget.


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