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According to 2018MessageFollowing the work statistics office, some of the biggest job scarcity in the specialized labor industry are: construction, mining, wood strike, storage, etc. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find, recruit and maintain.

Understanding the causes behind the lack of qualified workers can help to question better and deal with the challenges of searching for qualified candidates. For example, seek a recentBigretz SearchMore than half of the young Americans believe that the commercial school's salary gap is larger than it really is, while only 11% of their opinion was that they believed they could get a highly paid job outside the commercial school.

Similarly, fears before the automation and replacement of experts demonstrated through robotsveryBut the long cycle of such myths has made many renounce the work race in favor of industries that may seem "safer".

As an experienced human resources manager finds capable employees in the midst of a lack of work in search of qualified workers? We collect 13 proven tactics that can help.Jump to our infographiclow.


Although there are many strategies to attract the best talents that have to do with corporate culture, it can sometimes have a big impact on the caliber of the candidate for work they bring to an interview, sometimes they have a great impact on the caliber of the caliber ofcandidate's work. If his main tactics consisted of putting his work at careless career points and continuing, considering following a deliberate approach. Here are some research tactics.

Fight badly -

Incorrect beliefs about wages in the workers industry, labor security, professional increase and threat of automation have massively denied the number of new employees entering workBuildZoom -AnalyseThe proportion of employees 24 years or less between 2005 and 2016 or less attracted almost 30% of US people data.

You can combat this trend on the site that connects with schools, community managers, professional consultants and families to address myths and stereotypes through the labor industry.Average contentFor qualified operations, more than $ 65,000 are and 27% of business school graduates make more money than one title.

Low objectives (in old age)

If you see a good interest among local students, you should create the possibilities for you to work for you as an apprentice or intern.Since 14 yearsDo not do Hazig work for a limited number of hours a week. Learning is attractive to students who want to explore careers and earn a salary while continuing their training, and the return on investment to companies is high.Value itEmployers receive $ 1.47 for every 1 dollar issued for training.

Connect to industrial networks

The Federal Government establishesApproximately $ 1.1 billionIn state subsidies for the financing of ten different CTSO or professional organizations and techniques of students who train high school, high school, university and students in different professional areas.Skills skillsConsider annual exhibitions in which members in skills such as architectural elaboration, carpentry, diesel equipment technology, electric construction, masonry, health and safety, welding and much more compete.Meet the employerLocal and national events throughout the year.

Similarly, local unions organize hiring rooms and training centers in hundreds of cities. The International Union of North America has a "Find the local inhabitants“Tool companies can get with highly educated commercial workers.

Becomes a regular presence in work measures

If you are not yet regularly represented on some job fairs in your community, take a look atWe work fair directory.And register in some. The job fairs may seem overwhelming, and job candidates and hiring managers may feel lost equally in the amount of a busy event, but if you find a way to remove potential candidates, considerable studiesWhich are almost shown, which are almost shown that they almost demonstrated that almost demonstrating almost 70% of junior level experts, register personal networks compared to online value, and a personal application is34 -Even effectiveAs an email.

Ignore gender stereotypes

If workers want to recover from their recent failure, assistance managers should be willing to dodge the profiles of traditional candidates by filling their projects.% Of women who work in construction, but are expected to be expected to25 % of the industryBy 2020. To attract qualified candidates, you should be able to prove that you can adapt.HEALTH REVIEWSThey showed that women have a higher risk of injuries to the construction sites due to poorly adjusted safety equipment, and most women who participate in studies conducted by the National Institute of Health and Health reported inappropriate touch, comments and gestures of employees of the employees of male.

If you can demonstrate that women are safe from professional dangers and discrimination at work on their construction sites, they are an extremely attractive career view for qualified workers in a genre.

Consider second chance candidates

One of the three Americans workinggiftBut many attitude managers refuse to consider the people who were arrested.2017 messageAcru Trone's Center for Justice and Equality has found that "retention rates are higher, sales are lower and employees with criminal records are more loyal."

For safety -worried employers, studies on the second opportunity also show that previously detained people can find work are not repeated.2015 messageIn the case of six labor prisons, national relapse rates showed between 31 and 70 %, while the rates were only between 3.3 and 8 % for those who met shortly after publication.

If you open your job search for previously arrested candidates, expand your group of candidates and probably bring more qualified workers.Tax creditsAnd employers insurance programs available exclusively for companies hire certain marginalized groups.


To recruit high quality candidates, it must be a high quality employer. This means creating a work environment for its employees, which is safe, healthy, supporting and prioritizing the well of its employees.

Offer competitive and local content

Every time there is a low supply and high demand, prices increase, which also applies to the price of a qualified employee. As a lack of qualified work has stopped, the salary for experts has increased even more. And the investigation increased by almost 15 %average salary in 17 reports in common construction sitesBetween 2012 Y 2018Medium salaries for each individual profession also increased between 3 and 27 % for each individual profession.

It is important to offer competitive content to attract really qualified job candidates. And it is not enough to fulfill the national average for a specific function.Configuration managers should also investigate how the cost of living affects the average salary. Only US $ 3,586 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, until 20126, at Upper East Side in $ 26,531 in Newark, at 72,004 dollarsAmericans in Wilmington -therefore, it is advisable to do their own research on what their local competitors and partners pay and do their best.

Medical, dental and vision advantages

If you are a small company, it can be difficult to allow comprehensive health insurance.However, a competitive performance package is an important factor for the attraction and union of experts.2018 SurveyFrom society for the management of human resources of the company for people management, 92% of employees stated that services are important to work satisfaction, while 29% mentioned inappropriate services as the main reason for leaving their current employer in the next 12months there is a small research on thisOffer affordable medical assistanceIts employees and the government even offer aFiscal creditSmall companies that offer their employees insurance.

Parental License

As the labor industry is traditionally male dominated and paternity holidays are relatively common that maternity maternity leave, paid parental license can actually get your company out of the competition and attract experts to your organization. To replace parents.Up to 21%of your annual salary. This reaches 10 weeks of work or the duration ofAverage maternity leaveTaken us the United States.

Mental Health Support

Mental health is not one of the first things I can think of considering the advantages for experts, but it should be, according to the CDC, the construction of number 1 in the United States of number 1 for suicide.EMPLOYED ASSISTANCE PROGRAMFrequently, at low costs or not, they provide employees access to mental health and support to a variety of personal, family and professional problems.


In addition to the advantages, the workplace culture plays an important role in incentives to remain the main employees of a company. Aument, but also helps sell your business to potential candidates.

Vocational training provision

According to the Center for the Development of Occupational Ethics, more than 40% of the new positions will be in "Average skillsJobs or jobs that need more than one high school diploma, but less than a four -year university degree. They invest.PlanningOffer On -Line Courses to Planning and Planning Construction Specialists.

Professional development

After2015 SurveyAccording to the Fails Management Institute, 69% of construction workers do not have a formal procedure for the development of high power employees.Respondents, whose employers offer no progress or more.

Tutoring programs, personalized plans for professional development and routine performance qualifications are great opportunities to keep workers qualified through advanced opportunities for employees.Baumanagement Asociación de AméricaTo help your employees register for formal training outside your organization.

Transfer bonus

LinkedIn reportsThe number 1 that discovers that a new job is a transfer, and companies that hire their employees' networks reach a group of talent up to 10 times larger than those who don't.Higher quality candidates, as they represent only 6.9 % of the total candidates, but represent 40 % of the total configuration. To stay. They also trigger approximately 3.5, probably.

If you do not yet have a robust transfer culture, you should incorporate your current employees to reduce your personal networks to potential candidates who offer a bonus of recommendation. This need not be monetary (although this is the most popular option.70% of companiesOffer between US $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 for a transfer of successful employees). You can also offer additional vacation days, a donation to the beneficial organization of the referent, the right to choose the Happy Hour site this week, theMay it be!

How to recruit qualified workers: 13 proven tactics - Bigrentz (1)

To attract qualified employees, it is about optimizing your recruitment strategy, providing competitive advantages and constantly investing in your corporate culture.Current employees with current employees to observe the high quality high quality work environment.

Did you find your experts, but do you still need teams? Bigrentz offers theRental diversityTo help you do the job.


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