Harewood Associates bankrupt with a debt of 32.7 million pounds sterling (2023)

  • And the hits keep coming...

  • Lost or will lose a lot of money

  • Alan / will lose a lot of money

  • I'll put the rest of my money under the mattress now...
    I thought I could trust this company.

    Obviously not!!!

  • Where does that leave us? Did we get anything back?

  • This couple of fat bastards probably pumped the money into their other family businesses like Sherwood Homes and others.
    I was kidnapped for £25,000 after being told my investment was secured. I hope the administrators find irregularities and call the police.

  • Kay Kennedy (Investment Manager) is just as bad as these directors and they should all go to jail and have their personal assets confiscated as required by law.

  • I completely agree with this, as the guarantees were given recently.

  • Until the UK government puts a noose around these crappy investment firms, unsuspecting members of the public will continue to do so. Like this year's LCF financial disaster, a Facebook group should be formed to get through it together, involving the FCA, SFO and financial experts like Paul Lewis.

  • Most of my life savings are gone. heartbroken

  • If you have an SPV and I've had three since 2015/2016, you're not a creditor, you're a shareholder, that's what I took from that. Still not sure where this is taking us Web, others with fixed incomes have screamed about how successful it was, but Harewood's is/was a limited company. All employees were fully aware of the impact when I told them I sent very explicit emails to everyone I knew the email address: PK sold his home in March 2018 for just under $1 million; Yeah I think I paid all of their salaries and boy would they have been great when we were chasing investors for financial information? By the way, I never had any financial information about SPV - does anyone? I don't think any of the SPVs made a loss because small locals were looking for the company house - to build 3 houses he got £1.4m from us. The FCA was informed on the 18th of October and so was Action Fraud Quad, if you are an investor file your complaint with them NOW!

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  • Where is all this for us? Do we get part of our money back?

  • I also reported promotion fraud. I contacted the FCA in December and was told that this company was not on their radar. Had they been, I might be in a happier position today.

  • I will do the same, they must inform.

  • The FCA falls asleep at the wheel again. Scammers know they can safely run their business for years, milk gullible investors, then let the company fail and start over without any FCA action against them. It's sad that we allowed this country to become a free playground for scammers.

  • There is certainly a need for investors to form an action group and not be spectators. At least that will keep the admins on their toes and clear up any other avenues that might be open to us.

  • I was unable to withdraw my money on 01/31/19. £48,400 said cash flow issues rich wealth but due to cash flow they couldn't pay me on time so I put the money in income bonds for another 12 months first interest due 1st June. All I got was a letter in the mail From the administrators I'm devastated and I think those two fat bastards who ripped us off should go to jail surely the FCA should have intervened years ago

  • As for the finance of the Harewood assets, there is enough to return all funds to investors and pay the huge fees for Begbies Traynor's LLP insolvency services. I'm sure this is the case as long as the Bankruptcy Firm acts directly, honestly and quickly to liquidate Harewood's assets.

  • I was very lucky to get my money back in June 2018 after getting my hands on another investment, but how many of you have told your good friends how good Harewood was and they invested? I told a close friend and it breaks my heart to tell him he lost 40,000 most of his savings which he worked so hard to earn without me telling him Harewood would never have found out if I got his 8% on top of the two last i thought everything was going well with them, i just hope they can track down a pot of gold,

  • Yes, I did the exact same thing to my stepdaughter, she is devastated. No, there will be no money pot. The two fat grinning bastards look like they ate anything with cream.

  • I am extremely happy to agree with you, but it certainly depends on the accuracy of the unverified accounts and asset valuation. They've been trying to move on for so long, you'd think they'd trade through bankruptcy. I happily agree with you. What action do you propose?

  • yes they should I made an appointment with my deputy along with other people who can help in this situation.

  • Hello, to be honest, I don't know where or what to do. You just submit a form to the processing company. I don't know what their position was at the time, but I'm sure they were trying to attract as much business as possible so they would know their position and prepare their own pockets properly before you ask me if they ever did. Build an estate or was it all a scam from start to finish

  • Yes, Pauline, I will add that I am so broke that my life savings are gone.

  • Thanks Peter, I doubt gutted encompasses the turmoil of emotions we're all experiencing right now. Let's hope the admins don't hesitate.

  • Both my wife and I were heartbroken last Friday when she discovered that the monthly payment had not been paid.
    I called Harewood and got no answer.
    I Googled it and there was the admin information….
    I still have it all in my head.
    Together we had invested a considerable sum.
    No money you want to throw away.
    Let's hope admins have something to give back.
    The lesson I learned from this is that I will never invest in this type of company again.

    Fortunately I did not recommend it to third parties to invest...

  • Yes, gutted, it's too soft to fall off, I just can't believe it. I've told Kay on multiple occasions that I feel like she's not herself when she's stuck in something she's been repeating. Is it just an asset cash flow problem?

  • Yes, but you know we've all been guided by means backed by assets, but let's hope there are some left. To be honest, these two fat directors strike me as very dodgy and have had a lot of time to line their own pockets. If that's true, then they should go to jail.

  • FAOWilliam Wood. Of course, yes, it is very important that the accuracy of the accounts is true. They just won't be audited by the government, which won't keep the accounts to remain at the highest level of accounting, but will be audited by someone qualified to do so. The risk of these people being on the accounts is a long prison sentence with your name, registration number and address all over the paperwork. You're right about working through an impending bankruptcy. I felt that when Kay Kennedy sent out more investment deals with a 12% return on a 1 year investment, it seemed incredibly far-fetched and ridiculous. Now look what happened! There is no immediate action to be taken before managers compile their report findings for concerned investors within those 8 weeks, but I would keep the news in the local headlines and, if possible, get it out in the print media so it makes it to the newspapers. national news. Get your local MPs involved and contact the head of HM FOA Treasury Nicky Morgan MP and update him on any further FCA failures. And, of course, naming and shaming siblings Kiely and Kay Kennedy on social media as shameless thieves. If you look at their employment history, they all have a way of starting businesses and driving them out of business, obviously with money in their back pockets to start another failing company to rip us off.

  • Hola Bluesmen007
    How do you know about Harewood finances? I was an investor and I hope you're reassured that we got our money back.

  • Inform the FCA if you have not already done so. You must investigate BIG. The police will certainly be involved. I spoke to Laura via email, she is an in-house attorney working for Harewoods. I explained to him in early 2019 how to keep his head up: 4 years to build 3 houses with 1.4 million shares raised that pay, well, I never got mine. You started a new company on 8/31/18. See Batham Gate Ltd 11513255. I certainly think this should be closed down. Check your name and see what you get. Note that David Keily isn't mentioned often, but he's a PSC - will he come out of the clouds after things settle down and take over the next game?

  • I have a monthly update request and 30 months of email exchange between Kay Kennedy and Mollie Lythgoe. I am willing to support any action taken against theft by me, a serving military man.

  • They are thieves and they robbed us of everything we deserved. They knew what was going on so they were still open for business.

  • They just won't be audited by the government, which won't keep the accounts to remain at the highest level of accounting, but will be audited by someone qualified to do so.

    They have not been verified by anyone. That's what it says on the first page.

    The risk of these people being on the accounts is a long prison sentence with your name, registration number and address all over the paperwork.

    No, it's not. The maximum penalty for lying on company accounts is two years. Even that is highly unlikely.Ean offense has been committed. White collar crime app is a joke in the UK.

  • FAO Robert George Kattenhorn
    I have used the Company Check website for several years now and especially have watched the Harewood Associates stock go up and down all the time. Let me clarify that my assumption is an assumption about the wealth of assets currently available in Harewood's December 2018 balance sheets, using financial data and numbers from their business model and the type of business they are involved in, d. H. Luxury used properties. Surely the only truth that will be conclusive is that administrators will figure this mess out in 8 weeks and determine what is liquid and what is not. Until then, let's not take our foot off the accelerator to take this scandal to the newsrooms and public spaces, get local MPs involved, contact the SFO (still not considered a fraud though) and get back to the FCA, as you remember, The Harewood Associates is not even listed as an unregistered company on its website, let alone an investment firm on its listing. There are so many of these investment deals closing now in 2019 that it's scary, but this is our fight so let's fight.

  • FAO letter
    I don't mind one bit that you're highlighting my previous text to embarrass me. As you try to split camp, I'll answer with a simple fact. The term unaudited simply means "unofficial". That's what he meant by using the government to talk about these issues. Think of it this way, if losses are visible to admins as well as gains, they cannot quickly close within 24 hours of being notified of these losses. 2010. It is internal and not an independent auditor like EY.
    Finally, I don't know where you get your claims that you only get a 2 year maximum sentence for financial crimes. Serious offenses of false accounting that follow this area of ​​the audit to which you refer carry a maximum penalty of 7 years imprisonment and 6 years expulsion. 10 to 15 years for acts of fraud against the company/public. If you believe me or want to halve my comments, I am a victim here and will defend my views against you and everyone else.

  • The term unaudited simply means "unofficial".

    No, not him. This means that the accounts have not been audited and signed off by an independent auditing firm to certify that the numbers contained therein are accurate. Otherwise, draw attention to the fact that the numbers cannot be verified.

    If I "split the camp" into factions of "people who understand what the reports say" and "people who don't", so be it.

    It doesn't help that Harewood's creditors have unrealistic expectations about the recovery prospects based on a misunderstanding of what "unaudited" means. The December 2018 account numbers were entered by the directors of Harewood and have not been verified. They might be true (as of six months ago). Maybe not. What "unaudited" means is that only the directors know about it.

    Until administrators step forward, the prospects for recovery are unknown. Standard procedure when lending to a company that goes bankrupt is to pay it back and treat each repayment as a bonus.

    The maximum penalty under s1112 of the Companies Act is two years. We talked about the penalty for lying on accounts. There is little point in speculating about fraud and accounting fraud unless there is evidence that fraud has occurred.

  • FAO letter
    I think you share camp. It really doesn't bother me if you have 99% of investors who support your vision. I'm here and I'll comment whenever and however I want with my thoughts and opinions. I already said that the unaudited terminology is unofficial and more like internal audits. Harewood numbers can be found online at finance companies since 2010. Accuracy is now determined by billing. I don't see what's hard for you to understand about this other than trying to split camp! The guidelines for prison sentences come from the Government of England and Wales. On the UK website, all financial criminals in the UK who made the headlines and were found guilty of white collar crimes were sentenced to 10 years or more in prison. So I tend to follow his stats more than yours.

  • Search Shawn Kiely 2011 Do a Google search

    so get excited and do what has to be done to not give up

  • I have all original booklets in perfect condition.

    Closing the site cannot hide anything

    unaudited - never mind, they still need to create genuine and fair display logs

    spv where it should be handled by a lawyer would never tell us who and amazingly the stock certificates were signed by you, you guessed it nil cola remembers them so ok.

  • The December 2018 accounts show total assets minus liabilities of £37.2m and total creditors (which should include all of us) of £32.7m, leaving net assets of £4.5m. Assuming this was the case 6 months ago and the valuation used for the assets was correct, there should be a way out. On the other hand, if the assets are somewhat mythical or overvalued, our position looks bleak. We won't know more until the admins have done a good "drainage" look.

  • I already said that the unaudited terminology is unofficial and more like internal audits.

    Nothing is known about the words "unaudited financial statements" at the front of the financial statements. "Internal Audits" = Check your own task.

    William Wood, who started this conversation, was absolutely right when he pointed out that Harewood's published financial statement figures are unreliable because they have not been audited.

    The false hopes in the notion that "the December 2018 financial statements, for which we have only the directors' word, say the company's assets exceeded its liabilities," is a recipe for disappointment.

    Every financial criminal in the UK who made the headlines and was convicted of white collar crime was jailed for 10 years or more.

    It would be wonderful to believe this to be true, so I won't make your day worse by listing the dozens of people who have committed financial crimes and received no punishment other than a principal ban and fines, or no punishment at all. . Also, you know, defamation laws.

  • Let's be more positive. We are grateful to Brev and you made your own contribution. Many suffer deeply after investing significant sums. We need a way forward, namely expert advice not from a lawyer or accountant, but from someone who has experience and works regularly (if not exclusively) in this field. I don't know if we should be doing anything before admins call in a few weeks. Anyone out there who can offer a helpful way forward?

  • You don't have the ability to give me a bad day. You really should list everything you claim as it seems quite bitter and untrue.

  • I did not have! I will continue to have my own opinion as a failed Harewood Associates investor. You really don't have to answer, but if you do, I'll stand by my opinion.

  • Yes, they took all of us.

  • Bluesman007- All I'm trying to do is make sure this conversation doesn't turn into a mutual exchange of pointless comments (as I've seen elsewhere). We are hurt: let's find a solution and not waste our energy on pointless accusations. I don't mind and even appreciate your contributions; All I ask is that we be respectful, polite and constructive.

  • William Wood:
    I spoke with a lawyer friend of mine (but not an expert in investment fraud) who advised me to wait for the trustee's report to be presented and, if possible, to attend the first bondholders' meeting, if called. At this point, we need to consider what steps to take after the report is previewed. He thought the Begbies were solid and should do a professional job.

  • Tony: Thanks for the help.

  • You cannot guarantee that conversations will go the way you want them to. My views were attacked yesterday by your co-investor and for a long time this person insisted that I was wrong in everything I said. There are no gray areas or maybes and maybes just wrong! What would you do if everything you posted got into your thread and said everything you said was wrong and ridiculous? Maybe you're just calling me saying what I posted is pointless and meaningless and you're not your friend? I was just being polite to you when you replied. That's all we ask each other, some of us are seasoned investors, newbies, lawyers or not, we all have the right to post and it's subjective whether you find it useless or not. I don't think you speak for the 1400 investors who lost their capital! He was disrespectful to me and I will not be respectful to that person. If you don't like my point of view, ignore me, but I have the right to post within reason.

  • How do we know it's 1400 with live bonus if the admin hasn't responded yet?

  • Begbies Traynor has already named its 1,400 investors in its initial correspondence.

  • The government, the municipality, the local deputy and the banks are fully aware of this undertaking. We reported the scam to the board 2 years ago. In fact, the council supported the scam by subscribing to unfinished websites and not suing Harwood or Sherwood. The government took out loans to buy unfinished land knowing it would not be completed, so they are blamed for this scam.

  • Thanks because I didn't get anything since I have SPVs and they didn't tell us anything.
    There is strength in numbers, please don't fight with each other, use them vigorously and stand by each other. UK, you need to understand this, fix it and check everyone else before it's too late!

  • My God, could we call them all friends in one basket?

  • Thank you very much. This one is the most useful.

  • While the authorities may know that this company and the other companies are behaving in a despicable manner, I continue to believe that efforts must be made to allow for the necessary changes to prevent this from happening on an ongoing and repeated basis. The only way I know of to make that change in this case is to keep informing the authorities, government etc. how unhappy we all are that not enough has been done. If enough of us come together and do the same thing, that could change. My eyes were opened not only by the impact and magnitude of our loss, but by the ease with which this can happen and, as others have said, how people are in the position and tools to prevent this from happening in some cases the opposite. , activate it.

  • Yes of course, thank you very much. Hope to hear from you soon. I will be reaching out to Begbies Traynor about this particular issue and making sure it doesn't get left out.

  • I contacted them they just said I'm not a believer so I won't be on the list. I'm a shareholder, uh yes, so who should I contact? Nothing, so those with SPV are really in the dark at this point. I've had mine for 4 years, yes they should be ready in a year, well it shouldn't have taken 4 years to build 3 houses - the Hamptons. Thistleton Properties. Holden Vale - By the way, Holden Vale has been trading like a hit on their main site for the last couple of weeks and some Google reviews say they have refunded. I must have been very supportive because they just didn't get back to me after 10/12/18. If you take what they owe the SPVs, I'm not sure you can do that, but hey, the bill really adds up.

  • I understand it's a terribly worrying time to be so out of the loop. And legally, shareholders are always the last to receive their funds. Pending the results of the first Begbies report, you can only contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for free advice on your rights and expectations as a shareholder in a failed investment company. Or do a Google search and look for comparisons of your situation to past finance companies that failed and see how common shareholders fared? As a rule, instead of the supposedly secured assets, the shareholders of the corporation who are last in liquidation have a stake. Check your shareholders' agreement and see what would happen if Harewood went bankrupt. Are there any unbreakable guarantees or promises that your money will be returned to you?

  • I'm in the Hamptons a lot. Same as 2016... let me know if you get any more mail.

  • Hello. Thanks for contacting me well. I'm told SH01 shows he paid all of it to Hamptons stockholders like you. I don't have a dime. I've been asking for this for over 2 years now, I don't owe anything, can I prove I got into the Harewoods bank account too? - So I'm waiting for the collector I paid another fortune - to come up with something 3 months ago - he sure knows how to hang around and get away with not answering/replying just makes you want to make sure Karma really does come soon!

  • I have an email trail from April 16th to February 18th, the latter saying they are reconciling accounts and awaiting a letter offering to cancel.

  • February 19th, I mean

  • https://www.realbusinessrescue.co.uk/company-administration/what-happens

    The last email I received was on the 18th of December saying to get in touch on New Years, of course it didn't say New Years! I have emails from 2015, I probably saved about 98% of those read, there were signs! I have three batches as stated, see the link above which tells you what happens in this case, but again there is no mention of SPVs...we wait and wait

  • Has anyone seen or heard the press jump on this like ITV BBC? Newspapers - If you only have SPV you might not even notice they go to admin

  • I didn't hear anything until I tried to email Kay last week.

  • Everyone must do their part in exposing this disaster to the written press on social media. The fastest form of communication, capable of generating the necessary attention to highlight our cause. I'll be the first to say that we don't know at this point if this is a scam or just a failed venture, but the press would be willing to go along with the story, especially considering other failures in the last 18 months, no bigger than London Capital and Finance Plc with a Ponzi scam of over £237 million in lost public money.

  • Whatever happened to the saying: put your money in bricks and mortar, you can't go wrong? Now

  • More than willing to set up a meeting with the managers. I lost 48,000. I remember my phone call to Peter where he said he didn't want to upset a military man.

  • I definitely feel your anxiety about what's going on and you've invested quite a bit more than I currently lost. Please note that, unless you are already aware of this, the managers will charge the Fund for any type of communication with them, unless you indicate this. A committee meeting will cost investors a lot of money to pay them with fund money. Law is being asked about the possibility of establishing an Investors Committee weeks after the findings of his initial report.

  • I spoke to my honorable Member this morning, it would be helpful if as many of us as possible could also contact them. You can usually send them an email and they will reply or leave a message. It won't completely solve our problem, but it's a positive action and helps spread awareness. Finally, there are several other companies that could be used in exactly the same way as this one,

  • Hi, I think you had a lucky day talking to Peter. I can say that I tried several times, I called, I sent an email, I even managed to get a friend to contact me as a new investor, he did not accept. Calls - Laura asked me for my cell and decided never to call again.....a real scam from a company we all fell in love with - very professionally organized - but - let's see if they meet their financial obligations with the 'T' as I have certainty that admins will find something or a lot if they haven't; We only have 6 weeks left.

  • Hi Pauline, I emailed Mr Crausby from Bolton in April. I then sent him the Bolton News article on June 9th. I also copied Doug Smith, Paul Snape, Hyra Sutton never got any responses so don't hold your breath.
    I also emailed and offered to help management inform the attorney who cleared the same-day loans: Stella.stella@workingforwalthamstow.org.uk- again nothing... I can't understand - where were all these MPs when there were signals? - strange. So I did my part.....

  • 6 weeks until I can order? Other than that, I received no mail from anyone.

  • Admins have 8 weeks - 2 weeks - so 6 weeks to go

  • If you have an SPV you won't hear anything, it's not on the radar just believers which apparently only Bond's people are.

  • What about Hamptons stock? When will this be evaluated?

  • I asked the administrators and they told me that they don't look at them because we are not believers. I was asking where do I go from here as I have a few from 2015(2) that came out but didn't get any money. Who am I going to? Contact - they just said we only deal with creditors, not shareholders. I'm fed up with everything, if this is the UK and I feel like its purgatory, what must it be like to do business in other countries?
    If you find out, let us all know, as the VPS doesn't know unless you search the web!

  • If you are a Hamptons investor you would like to see how many there are and if anything has been discussed. That or I have to knock on some doors

  • I am Hamptons - Thistleton - Holden Vale - SPV investor - see SH01 in Hamptons, call Co House to explain what it is - All shares in Hamptons have been paid - you and I will not get paid!

  • Do you have a link for that?

  • You can find the Hamptons as the stock list in Co House for Hamptons lists all of us; they will tell you where to look; Otherwise, contact me on 074 74 028029: keep in touch

  • I have a £49k transaction with a CHAPS protection receipt for Harewood employees on 8th March 16…. I would certainly notice that it would reappear on all my accounts as I would get super tax immediately.

  • I also provided proof that my money went to the Harewood account, but Peter K says he doesn't owe me anything! - How does this work? My bank still has a history going back to 2016 and before. You can't prove you paid me because you didn't. Others owned some and reinvested them in those bond balances. Calls will work for us

  • Count on medrbenn1984@outlook.comse você quiser discutir fora deste fórum. Vou ligar para eles e visitar Peter, Kay e Mollie para conversar.

  • I hope you understand Danby, if it has to do with hardwoods then it's £49,000, mine was £44,000

  • Yes, Danby, do it if you can track it. I guess they're on vacation in a way, at your expense and mine.

  • Hi again Peter - let your in-laws know what we are doing please, they will need help. I have Danny's contact information and his, so if any of us hear a sniff, please get in touch.

  • Well the accountant is AAT qualified so she has a professional position to account for and like I said Laura is a qualified attorney so we have her secretary and Kath they all got emails from me so no one can tell who doesn't know. – only deaf ears, as they say

  • I've arranged an interview with the Bolton News in military uniform with my solicitor, I hope.

  • Yes, they know very well that they drink champagne and now they are laughing at what idiots we fat and ugly have been.

  • Fine, they'll take me out for a drink to discuss.

  • Alright, I'm ex-army too, hope you've been following along, Bolton News ran the article (the Harewoods also got their logo plastered everywhere for doing 'charity' stuff to seem so kind and generous) - I saw it from someone I became friends with in Bolton a few months ago - when this broke she didn't know how to tell me - without this I would still be in the dark - so best wishes again

  • Yeah, well that's a start-up name and it puts them to shame.

  • I have no intention of doing anything other than going directly to the officially endorsed source for a good discussion on my media links. This has my full attention right now and I will be working tirelessly on this and the team involved until it is resolved.

  • Hey EEC, it's okay to try as hard as possible, uh, nice to hear the steps people are taking. I'm trying other routes but hitting some dead ends.

  • check your email, I just sent you something

  • Anyone can duck and dive if we all carry on like this someone somewhere will sit down and take stock if you don't wait until the next election I'll ask where were you when I needed you and the UK needs a major overhaul? unregulated companies like yesterday!!!!

  • Yes, the regulation is late and the real consequences are also a slap in the face.

  • Since it's a limited partnership, it seems you're free to trade however you like: if they don't find anything (!), you can legally leave, start over, and that's it.

  • If you are associated with Hampton, please email me your name and investment amount.

  • Sim Werlich.

  • For every single-
    I sent an email to a lawyer who specializes in this area and would be willing to help us. They want "point of sale" documentation and administrator data. I'll try to deal with it tomorrow.

  • this is for spv

  • I will get as much information as possible.

  • Danny, perhaps you could mention in your meeting that the SPV holders have not been informed and the shares are in their development sites which have been completed and in most cases sold and the sites have their own company registration number.

  • Hi, I'm glad to hear what you're up to William.
    something these greasy bastards have to spin and it's still open until sale day, so what does that tell you? peter

  • Hello, I really don't know what to say, like so many others have lost so much, there aren't words that go deep enough. Everyone please try not to be rude to each other, it doesn't help this dire situation.

  • Folks, I'm in the finance business myself, and to be perfectly honest, none of these mini-bonds (or junk bonds) are safe! None! Not even half of one!

    They all suffer from two fundamental flaws.

    1. They all pay huge commissions to those who bring investors together without being seen by the investor, making returns almost impossible at times.

    2. The last person to be paid is the investor. After each broker, platform, fundraiser, and borrower has received its share from the start, the investor must wait for the project to mature.

    There is a reason these activities are unregulated and there is a reason trusted private lenders are so careful with their loan choices. This is because all the transactions you can see or make are completed with the loan money ONLY as they cannot fund the loan any other way. They tried all lenders. They tried every bank, challenger bank, private bridge company and HNW people known to them or their broker.

    Seriously, learn from this, stand up and accept once and for all that low risk, high return investing doesn't exist. My heart goes out to the basically decent people I see here and in the press who have simply chosen to believe in what they believe to be good companies that offer them and their families a decent return with little risk. It's all a lie!

    As for wasting time with legal entities, they will be the only winners! Yes, you can win, but who will replace the money you lost now? However, you still have to pay the bills to quality control and the lawyers you appointed. And it will devour you.

    In the same way point to point. Everyone gets paid before the investor. On day one, these companies charge you all of your interest, all of your setup fees, and all of your loan administration fees upfront. The investor then waits up to 12 months (feeding on his own pre-funded interest each month) before waiting for repayment. By the time the loan is paid off, everyone except the investor will have already received payment!

    Borrowing and investing in securities is COMPLETELY inappropriate for ANY member of the public unless they can lose their capital, and even then a large amount of DD must be foreclosed on each loan. I've seen loans against GDV many times. Who lends against the GDV? Or should I say hope courage! It's insane and, again, fueled by a mixture of naivety, blind faith and greed for promised benefits.

    I know I preach to many of the converted, and indeed this site does a great job of standing up for the truth, but I feel that from time to time, as I've written, people need to be reminded of the hard truth of what they say is. they are. Get in BEFORE they part with your money.

    As a privately held bridge company, all of our money comes from rich, experienced people who have long been lending and making decisions with us, one person, one business. Your choice, your risk. It must be exactly like this.

    All the best.


  • Thanks James, as most of us have guessed, but it helps to see it in black and white.

  • Hello, I think most are curious to know if the business practices were clear or not. Hearing lies: dodging and diving and being dishonest in dealing with your own investors, we'll know in 6 weeks. They don't have a good track record some say but are able to carry on with their business as usual and do nothing to help the ignorant/snow through this disgraceful trading platform. I never thought Britain would stoop so low to legally take money from workers and I think that's perfectly fine because they 'should have known better' when those who act this way know how bad business is.

  • Hello, I think most are curious to know if the business practices were clear or not. Hearing lies: dodging and diving and being dishonest in dealing with your own investors, we'll know in 6 weeks. They don't have a good track record some say but are able to carry on with their business as usual and do nothing to help the ignorant/snow through this disgraceful trading platform. I never thought Britain would stoop so low to legally take money from workers and I think that's perfectly fine because they 'should have known better' when those who act this way know how bad business is.

  • EC, thanks for the reply. You still deny Of course they told you lies! Seriously, you should try to stop looking for a good chunk that will come out of this. There is none! People were persuaded to shell out their money for a big commission! You MUST honestly understand this and move on. As with any HYIP (High Yield Investment Program), this is a scam. You cling to something that doesn't exist. Forget the background, forget the whole thing - it's a scam! Making you part of your money is a scam and sellers who do this make obscene amounts of money on every transaction. Reality alert: every £1,000 you send is paid up to £250 in commissions. These deals can only go one way!

  • cheating is illegal

  • Good evening, Harewood investors. NOTE: There is an Investor Support Group on FACEBOOK for Harewood investors affected by the recent administration and loss of their funds.

    It is currently not a closed group and anyone can join by simply liking and following the page. It's a much easier and more fluid forum on FACEBOOK to connect and share information and hopefully leverage the pull of financial professionals and the news media.

    If you don't have a FACEBOOK account, please create and open one as soon as possible to login. If you already have an account, go there now and spread the word.

    See link below and click or copy and paste to go to HAREWOOD FACEBOOK SUPPORT GROUP


  • I am very sorry to anyone who had any relationship with Peter Kiely.

    I can guarantee that Mr. K. wouldn't mind spending over £8,000 at a certain private club in central Manchester every Friday and Saturday night, while his former employee taxi driver waited outside all night telling anyone who wanted to know everything about Mr. . K. would like to know the immense wealth of wealth (so he is clearly not a very loyal and reliable employee !!!!!! and often came until 7 am !!.

    Sherwood Homes is next I guarantee and don't let old David, Sherwood's current director of records fool you, he's an old family friend and just a puppet in this game, along with Ailsa Soo, Gloria Hindle and others. all kld family friends. and puppets for many of Kiely's businesses.

    Kay Kennedy... Wow, when did this girl start working for Mr. K, she was horribly ugly, but with a few luscious cash payments, she improved her dental work and skin condition to what she is today... Anyway, does it still look fake as promised payback? .

    Unfortunately, Peter Kiely, his brother David and many other family members (Brendan, Paul, Shaun and young Harrison) have a way of doing things like that... they.

    Oh, and Peter Kiely also owes 3 employees (who are not on the payroll, by the way, but are paid cash every Friday at headquarters) over 3,500.

    There's a lot more to be said for Peter Kiely and his other brother Paul Kiely, who also live in Bolton (the Provenza group splits at Google).

    They have mastered the art of these "scams" to perfection, although Paul Kiely wasn't so lucky with his Ousel Nest home having been confiscated by creditors during his bankruptcy!

    You should have seen his face at that moment????

    I hope something can be restored for Kielys' victims at Harewood, but I'm afraid that's not the case as they've all done this and variations of it many times before and not much has happened to them, although it too could change in this case with luck!

  • It looks like the directors and a few others face a long prison sentence.
    If it were up to me, they would only have bread and water.

  • This is the most effective and truthful thing I have ever read and I hope the admins do their job 100% and continue to link most holders to the team - acquaintances - family pays for my investment -
    As for the accessories, I can smell the steel, it's perfect and thanks for coming. You are a very good person. I wish you well and happiness for the future

  • They are very nice, they left us nothing

  • Helen Bradbury: Keep submitting your information. We need to know the amount of spending and cash transactions that have taken place or are still taking place. We have to get everything out from under the stones. Thank you very much.

    Danny please update us

    I am not willing or able to put this down, they probably expect us all to run out of breath but this MUST NOT happen, keep digging and please bring it all to the table.

  • Yes, thank you Helen, anything you can add would be greatly appreciated.

  • SPV, if you have NOT submitted a request to the admins, you really should - the amount of money sent to Harewood must be accounted for, regardless of the purpose or you may not be seeing the real picture. If you have any information of any kind, please think of all of us and let the admins decide if it's incorrect, relevant, or just needs to be investigated. They must be fully responsible for their business model.
    PS: Do not enter your phone numbers here. May scammers try to contact you to say they can help you? Don't be tempted.

  • Does anyone know that KAY KENNEDY has resigned from HAREWOOD ASSOCIATES and is removing his name from many registered financial websites and is becoming more difficult to follow? While the two fat Kiely brothers continue to run HAREWOOD and deal with matters with our managers, those other former middle management employees like MISS KENNEDY should be able to sneak out into the bush to settle elsewhere while everyone we are losing money. Before his information was taken from COMPANIES HOUSE, he revealed that in business he has a way of doing this, helping a small investment firm that attracts millions of pounds in public investment, earning huge commissions before leaving the ship, and everyone left dealing with the fallout in its callous wake. She is as guilty as anyone with her constant lies and excuses as she promotes more business for new investment despite knowing that HAREWOOD as an entity was fatally incurable. Anyone who has done business with KAY KENNEDY and the other women who have made her investments owe it to themselves to follow her tracks online as it could lead to a criminal money laundering investigation.

  • Yes I am aware of that as someone in Bolton again said the offices are empty so everyone must have left. Keep your eyes and ears open. Let us all know your next step. I will also continue to strive to never relax until justice is served. It's done, if you have something dirty, let us know the admins will shine as much as possible, rest assured, so come on, my friends in this devastating investment circle, keep up the good work, next ... ...
    p.s. these people are not hard to find if you have a certain amount of information (they live right in the middle) and they would be within a certain travel radius.

  • I am currently researching her as she is quite disgusting in her lies and greed. And I found out a lot about them: this business of going in and out of bankrupt companies and then starting a new one is cause for concern. A local Bolton girl in town, she isn't shy so it's easy to spot her when her photo hits the media. There's one thing about the now-empty offices: there's no obligation for the support team to charge you mutual fund administration fees to stay on phones, email, and the website. That is good. Even if they are rats.

  • See 192.com. I found out where he lives after checking out his charity work for Harewoods. Either he sells the house to change his name, or he walks around thinking he's got rid of him... ...we're waiting

    I found some interesting emails a long time ago - sent copies to admins who need to see things, they need to decide if it's relevant or not, we don't, so search too - find things they can use to get a full story - even SPVs... good hunting

  • To be honest I didn't think to look there (192.com) I just looked through the financial pages to find his name and the same bunch of names that continue to be associated with those fat Kielys who start these shoddy businesses and then liquidate them . of years. I'll look at 192, she's fair game now. The hunt begins.

  • Look, I have some links I can send you all, but I'm just making sure they're kosher, so stay tuned later this week, get your blood boiling.

    Please keep digging, we should get a nice event pattern. I sent my original flyers to the administrators of all my SPVs. Please do the same as I haven't invested in many. It costs nothing to clean up the mess now......

    If you email me privately I can discuss further, more eyes and ears, better where to look: slime slime

  • Emma Foster MAAT: professional organization to which she is accountable and who also submitted investment details and performed calculations in the emergency books.
    I'm still searching, come help me please do something......

  • I don't see any links available to find a private email link for you! Didn't you know the Begbies are already taking evidence from us? Administrators will always ask what they need from us after the results of the first report writing in 5 weeks.

  • EEC Can you email me so I can respond privately, I can't find your address right now.

  • They will accept anything we want to send them, I can assure you. I think we have to go to Facebook to do that. I can't find here how to send it to you because I don't make it public.

    Peter and Danny, do you know how we do this?

  • Okay, I think we're already getting as public as we dare. I also found Mrs. K. Your new store is open for comments.

  • Pauline, I would like to know more about this. Can you get on Facebook if it's closed right now so we can talk more openly?

  • Are you sure you can find me by my name I think?

  • Hi EEC, I couldn't find you on Facebook, looking for 192, company, KK-Lashes.


  • Hey everyone, thanks for the detective work, now I'm wondering where Laura is! We found them all: how did they finance the new company?!
    My cell phone is going up. You can write for me. I'll forward the email address, but make sure you know it's kosher.

  • Hey everyone, I'm just deciding when and where to get my lashes done, I bet you guys can't guess!
    Companies House is so informative, it didn't take me very long: 2 minutes.

  • What was Laura von Harewood's last name? I remember Mollie Lythgoe, I think.

  • I seem to recall that somewhere in this thread it was said that she had a legal qualification. I don't know if he was on the list of lawyers for England and Wales. His last name was Jones.

  • Oh yes, that's all. Thank you William.

  • laura jones
    Yes, my real name is Mollie Lythgoe.

  • Pauline: It was a pleasure talking to you. Keep investigating. I'll send you my email later.

  • And you, I go as deep as I can. Thanks,

  • Mollie is available on twitter with a picture I just saw, they're probably all available! Just a thought, it's nice to see some jobs found so quickly that don't earn like we do, we can't give back what Harewoods took from us. CARMA is on the way. I hope the admins who take care of everything do a great job on our behalf!

  • Danny, were you able to dig deeper or find anything else useful to share?

  • Well done detective whose money has paid his fines and more, to the point where Sher Wood Homes is next. Shall we place bets?

  • Rightmove can tell us when they moved and how much they paid for the privilege of living in this area and at whose expense!

  • Hi Tony, I just had a wonderful idea: instead of waiting for PK to invite us to tea, let's all invite each other, wouldn't it be a photo?

  • There is land for sale for £1.1 million. see zoopla

  • Hello to all future investments? Concealer like me. Brick and mortar was the sure bet for the right future. So do we invest our money in safe stones and mortar? It is now obvious to see that this is a scam that has been going on for 10 years. ? And those two fat bastards knew 100% that doing 100% whores in prison was too good for them for the shit they gave us. Honestly, I have no faith in this ferm that took over the company??? pet toms

  • Yeah, is it nice to get everyone to believe that bricks and mortar are just as safe as houses? and none of that
    go wrong? But it looks like we've been mistaken for one. ride.care petex

  • Hi everyone yes nice 10 house cut I digress anyway can anyone tell me why there is no mention of David Kiely as he was a PSC at Harewoods and where is he?

  • Peter - keep your cool at the end of July, we'll know how well they've done their job, they've got a good reputation to uphold and you know how many eyes are on them, they're being tested don't you think? - Let's find out if what we shine in every possible way is fact - Fiction - SCAM - Book your seats at the Old Bailey...

  • Helen Bradbury- Where are you? are you well

  • Which company took over? Are you talking about Begbies?

  • Yes, the police should be called for this as it is obvious to anyone who was still selling securities up until the day trading started.

  • However, use this reference only for the Hamptons.

  • I also know this number:

    RE: NFRC190302868680. this number was also registered in Harewoods on 03/22/2019

    Antifraud Team

  • Tony - owns/had another home in Bolton - see H Bradbury above - may be hiding in closet or may have built a pre-prepared hiding place......

  • Hello everyone, learn more:

    FCA registered with ref: 205586981 on 10/29/18

  • Hello. Where did you get this information and the FCA registration number for this Harewood FCA registration?

  • Financial Conduct Authority - reference number reported - cannot provide source but has definitely lodged a complaint with them

  • Make sure you keep your font. I find this interesting because Harewood's own website has claimed that they do not require an FCA authorization and never display this number on their websites or brochures. However, it is of great help if they actually had protected activities.

  • Yes, they said a lot of things in their ads that we are now a testament and in the emails, hopefully it will be part of the management reports - if the team is 100% new and frequented because they are good, got paid or liked the job anyway , are they guilty? - that is the question. The team kept promising me financial information via email but I didn't receive anything, this is unacceptable, I'm looking forward to it. There is still a law of society they should have followed. I sent what they were first. Me as a shareholder. I got a silent treatment that kept responding. x

  • It is certainly not possible for them to be untouchable. Is there a lot of clear evidence from investors that they, directors and employees, deliberately and repeatedly misled us and encouraged reinvestment or delayed redemptions when they knew well in advance that they should not act?
    Nice new homes and luxury cars along with corporate Christmas parties abroad paid for by investors when they refused to pay us how could they put their conscience aside if only they had one?

  • Pauline, I'm sure there were a lot of other perks as well, we need the team to come out and tell them all because they have a conscience, if anyone in this industry ever had one, I'm glad I don't mix in those circles. they seem to be far less aware people……..

  • Anyone who thinks like that, can you clarify what you mean by taken? I want to continue with this but I need more information as I know the offices are completely empty. Please, ask.

  • To EEC and everyone: Is the group already a closed group? There is no point in discussing strategies until we are certain that this is not open to the general public. We won't be able to completely rule out company reps, but at least other people on Facebook won't be able to follow you.

  • I applied for this closed pool status 2 weeks ago and the owner said he would but didn't know how to do it at the time. I think at this point it's still an open group, can you DM him and ask the question? If not, can you create a private group yourself?

  • Thank you very much. Unfortunately I don't have the necessary skills. Can anyone help?

  • The admin of the current Facebook group is the only person who can make it a "secret" group. So I think that person would have to invite each member personally and individually.

  • I'm really not sure what to believe now, but I'm sure they tried to make sure they got away with cheating. They said our money was safe on the property and they said they never lost money on any property. So if that's true, where's our money? The Cheat Squad should now be called

  • Hi, I just created a support group on Facebook. I just have no idea how to check if it's open or closed

  • Hi, what bet do they also monitor all feeds wherever they are?

  • The Facebook page will indicate if your group is closed on the left side of the screen, otherwise open groups say nothing.

  • Reading a lot of comments and information, and also being a victim of Harewood's disappearance, it seems that people should go further and dig deeper. In case of a fraud case, which will certainly come to light in time (we hope soon), the legislation could favor a sad end for many of the people who entrusted their money to this company. Let's hope Begbie Traynors' findings bring some solace to anyone interested in any form of justice.

  • Hopefully sim Karen.

  • Hi Pauline, yes I agree with you, this is a total scam on a grand scale, these people more or less stole other people's money. Fraud I would like the police to get involved now as I hope these people who have taken over to investigate what is going on are good and not involved. It's the police scam police would do a good job as they would announce the bond sale on the last day of trading knowing full well I had no intention of paying the bonds if I knew about the payment on the due date you wouldn't invest more in the company,

  • the police are involved pedro!

  • Yes, surely it must be some kind of scam like when you followed the rules and got stuck and didn't get any relevant information about events that could affect your investment, which at best could be a reason for suspicious activities. Begbie Traynor likely holds the key to how events will unfold, and as you say Peter, we hope to be completely independent in these matters!

  • As it will not be cheating and wrong actions. Surely knowing that you can't stay in business because you can no longer honor commitments and agreements and still offer better prices to attract customers is outright fraud?

  • I found Laura and Peter K at the same company, both directors since May 31, 2017.

    Poplar Management Company BB3 0DG: Residents Property Managements would also work with other companies, I would put money into it, or I would!

  • Yes, it must be a 1000% scam. I hope they get what they deserve, put them in jail, sell the mansion, where did the money go, must be on the property that day? We never sell a property at a loss that has been fully advertised.

  • I am comforted by the fact that they have gone into administration and have not yet gone into liquidation. Looking at the balance sheet submitted at the end of last year, I find that fixed assets are around £40,000 for vehicles and equipment and, interestingly, some investments in excess of £1m. Not sure how tangible investments can be and what they entail. My main argument is that they don't own any property.
    The Harewoods are clearly financial gamblers. They take your money and lend it to someone else (apparently a home builder) hoping to make enough to pay investors the principal with interest plus a nice chunk for themselves. the profits.
    Joint venture investments may not be included in Harewood Associates accounts, as was the case with registered individual companies formed for each location, but the same gameplay applies.
    Presumably the £40m 'debtor' charge is essentially the money they borrowed and when they finally get it back we should see much of the fixed return investment return pending completion of the development.
    Is there anyone with an accounting background who can tell me if my thoughts are on the right track or if it's probably a total loss?


  • Hi Ed,

    Good point! let's hope so! As an investor, this caused me a lot of pain!
    Not sure how long this process might take? Nobody knows?

  • To be completely honest, I don't think we'll see another dime. I lost £44,000 to my stepdaughter £14,000. I know one who lost £100,000 and another 91 year old man who lost £800,000. Life savings went to these scammers

  • Can you or someone remove the photo of these two smiling thieves? They make my stomach turn every day just looking at them, you fat, ugly, greedy bastards. I hope they all get at least 20 years in prison. name its all in this scam if i rob a bank i would get 12 yeah those bastards robbed the old ones

  • Nobody at 91 should be allowed to invest outside of a bank. Today's 'B's are all around us, they are unable to understand what happened to Great Britain, they should have been forced to have a defender, which is absolutely heartbreaking for them, and what a legacy it could be - I'm so shocked that this is possible in the UK should be built into the curriculum in all schools

  • and Peter this is the one they 100% targeted and got us - just over 3 weeks to go... I'm waiting

  • Yes, the old people who wanted to top up their pensions and the banks didn't pay anything, so they took them in and left them empty. I hate these people. I was told yesterday that the police will now be involved. I hope it's true, because he's robbed us in other ways. everything and I think a slap of rust will be everything

  • Hello Peter, I can confirm that the POLICE are involved.

  • Peter, you don't want to compare before and after!

  • The admins say 8 weeks from the beginning of June... a few more weeks...

    I love talking to all of you outside of this arena, we have a strong bond... I hate that word right now!

  • I wonder if we're going to get anything at the end of this? I also think it will probably take years?
    Has anyone had similar experiences?

  • Well, let's just hope this bond keeps us together long enough to see these beasts brought to justice.

  • villains really do

  • Well, and I think it's too soon for the police fraud squad to get involved until these people find out they've been through everything but me. I don't really believe in these administrators. I spoke with Mark Dyer the other day. For me, my impression was that, in my opinion, they didn't turn over all the stones.

  • Hi EEC, sorry, what do you mean by before and after comparison? Not sure what you mean? peter

  • If I, where do you live? You may be closer than you think

  • I don't think we all get involved either.

  • Yeah, here, here, well that got me thinking now the police are involved.

  • Pedro, he's happy, he's knocking on the door, he's taking a picture, wouldn't it be nice to compare?

  • Peter gets a lot of it:
    SPV = Interests on a development paid into the Harewoods bank account
    All shareholders are listed with this development on Companies House.
    This development has nothing, no employees, no assets, no liabilities, no office buildings.
    Admins say we need to contact them for SPV development so HOW THE HELL DOES IT WORK?
    sometimes words fail me - do you think polite people would at least help you…………..

  • Hey my dear. Yes, you're right. I will contact you tomorrow, do the same if you have any news, my direct email ispeter.thomas861@btinternet.com

  • EEC – A description of how an SPV works can be found here –https://www.propertyinvestor.co.uk/Exhibitors/exhibitor/ExhibitorProfile/506
    I suggest you write to the attorney to have each shareholder's holding recorded in a separate account (I believe they call these escrow accounts). Ask him to confirm that development proceeds will be paid directly to him for distribution and will not be affected by Harewood management. They probably won't get an answer and will have to find out who Harewood's lawyers are.

  • With which herd was one of the employees a lawyer for Loura?

  • Ding, this is by far the best information I've had so far. I will pass this on to my debt collectors who should have received this information weeks ago. Looks like they also took my money and are waiting for the admin report. Thank you very much. By the way, I doubt the suns mentioned in their adverts, who I believe are the TJ's who are in Manchester, knew who the rabbits were, now they might as we should all be calling them to see, if her name was used let's say by mistake !

  • EEC - Please note that no money will be paid until all properties involved in the SPV have been sold. Is this the case you are involved in? Even if not, there might be some money in your account if one or more properties are sold but you still can't get it. You can find out who the developers are and ask them how the sales situation is.

  • all last Hamptons sold were sold before Christmas according to Rightmove EL Hampton one remainder were sold before September 18th

  • I read that a similar situation now brought all the investors together in the Supreme Court to put all the companies in which the guy has an interest under management. Would it be nice if they said yes? I'm following the case on Facebook.

  • EEC sounds like a really good idea to me.

  • Well, they're a few weeks ahead of us at this point, so we might have the result just in time...

  • Yes, Laura Jones was a qualified attorney. 3 years ago he received his PhD. Listed by Peter Kiely with several directories still active!
    All you have to do is put her name and his on Companies House and you'll see everything they're involved with as official, well, almost everything.

  • Thistleton had equity investments of £1,987,333 - The Hamptons £1,346,933 - Holden Vale £1,641,763, they have all been sold and completed -
    Woodland Rise £1,037,745 - Pro Investments own many shares, all in public view in Co House, where is the money, follow the money, where do we start?

  • CEE thanks for the info. I hope that some of them can be retrieved in one form or another and sent to us.

  • I looked at the Sherwood Homes accounts in CH. It's a terrible read, you have to pay attention as this is the one that completed most if not all of the ventures the money was invested in. Nichola told me that wouldn't be the case if I invested. Don't give the same developer every chance, even if it's a lower level, well, CRA...... they fed me again. I am unable to get SH's contact details which I have found they are either unresponsive or unresponsive. Sounds very, very familiar, doesn't it? Oh yeah Kiely stopped not too long ago………….here we go again, and on and on.....

  • Go ahead and reply to EEC's comment left on today's Park First post.

    Brev, who writes and responds to the latest news at Bondreview, can you look at the Harewoods SPV investments and find something tangible so we can start to see where our money is, as the managers are not interested? Let's just say creditors - if the lawyers aren't responding and the developer isn't responding, other than being totally gross and other words I can't print, what do you do to find out where your money is in an SPV?

    I don't know any more about harewoods than you do.

    When you own a minority stake in an unlisted company, there's basically nothing you can do except a) sit back and wait for dividends or b) sell it to someone else.

    What is the name of the SPV?

  • Preferred stock is only held in companies with nothing but stock i.e. The Hamptons Thistleton Estates Holden Vale to name a few all have company numbers in CH no assets no employees no liabilities all locations have been sold , all domestic. Construction sites for houses with a small number, that is, from 3 to 6 apartments. We were supposed to get back all equity + profit sharing once the sites were sold with the partial switch notice but Holden Vale and Thistleton ended before 18th September. The Hamptons Dec 18 18 Not a single one will contact us and we have nowhere to go unless someone can show us... I am told there is a 100% chance Sherwood Homes will build them all - they will not respond - Kiely He resigned, leaving only one director, and his reports are not easy to read! I emailed the lawyer mentioned in his PR, nothing.

  • So investors have been investing money in preferred shares, which surprisingly have no voting rights, in a number of companies that (a quick look at Thistleton) appear to have done nothing with their money.

    To know? rabbit wood? You need a lawyer to act for you, not for them. If, of course, you want to risk throwing away good money after bad.

    The other practical option is to write off the shares and forget about them, as they cannot be sold.

    I assume admins said SPVs are not their problem at this point. Unlike Harewood loan investors, SPVs do not have to foreclose on debt. If investors can't take directors to court for not acting in the interests of all shareholders (see above, Lawyers, Good Money, Bad Money), I don't see what they can do.

    How were investors attracted? Especially since Harewood didn't have the authority to solicit investments in stocks or promissory notes? Cold calling, internet advertising, moderators, friends/family?

  • At the height of needed homes they have fantastic advertisements across the internet since at least 2014. Beautiful brochures. I can't figure out how cool that was so I don't want you to have to bear with which platform was allowed on m - all 3 houses were sold at 1.1 So where was all the cost calculated? I have it in writing that the Harewoods made them. There was a profit because the houses were not as good as the prospect and 3 houses would never cost 1.1 million.

  • The sole purpose of the spv company record is to list the members and how many shares each own so that when paid the pro rata 'profit' amount can be apportioned accordingly. The list is updated every 12 months to show who has been paid. The list always includes Harewood's own shares [such as Harewood Venture Capital], which represent the remainder of the 1,000 shares currently not owned by anyone else. This is how Harewood earns its out-of-pocket expenses, administrative costs and at least 25% of the profit stated in the offer brochure. The offering prospectus usually includes an estimate of expected earnings and expenses showing the cost of land, construction, road, sewer, utilities, realtor fees, etc. and therefore it is not just about construction costs.
    Several SPVs have been completed and paid as planned, but Thistleton shows 417 unpaid investor shares at £1,987 at 3/4/2019, Hamptons shows 712 investor shares at £1,346 at 3/20/2019, Holden shows 346 investors at £ 1,641 on 03/20/2019.
    Several other sites show unpaid actions. Usually in the £4-5m range, but by far the bulk of the investment is in the fixed income pool.

  • Well, the thing is, the SUV shares or Harewoods bonds were part of the same company that put HSS into management. People with SUVs don't have a better chance than people with ties. Harewood sorted all that out beforehand and all the money went to these scammers and scammers so in my head say ta ta what you missed we were fools it sounded good and the old saying goes yeah so thats right. Trust me and if there is a 10% day for each of us for example I think you are very lucky. The Harewoods knew this day would come once they stopped paying bond maturities, so she was fired, and now I know I wouldn't fire her, but there was this issue in February 2017, so that's the money Well hidden from the trustees, you it also faces reality now and beyond. So if we all get a big return, that would be a bonus.

  • Brev- Was a closed Facebook page opened for Harewoods investors?

  • Peter, unfortunately I agree, although I want to try to prevent these people and their ilk from doing the same thing to other unsuspecting people. There are still people like us who think that in this country, in this day and age, something like this certainly cannot happen. As we found in our great price, you can.

  • Will: The Facebook group is dominated by investor Johnny Mills and he intends to make it a closed group when the administrator makes his denouncement. There's no way he can stop a Harewood spy from checking the plans, but to me it just seems like another outlet to vent. Positive ideas on how to promote money recovery are yet to be revealed. Very clever.

  • There is at least one Facebook page that has been previously posted. I'm not involved in any; Investors leaving the forum should beware of bailout scams (people contacting them claiming they can get their money back).

  • Ed: I can't thank you enough for this information. I tried to get information myself, without success. Quite simply, the Hamptons, for example, had over £1.3m in shares and I always suspected that some had their money. I'm not sure. how it works, but the numbers with the cost of shares and the unpaid numbers are much smaller; We were very specifically told that no shareholdings could be returned until ALL share certificates had been redeemed, presenting them upon request, so I'm not happy at all and suspect others won't be either if they choose to pay, decide or some spv shareholders change to other shares, of course if they have been refunded before then we have a different scenario: oh, wouldn't I like to talk to PETER? KIELY, KAY KENNDY, LAURA JONES, MOLLY, for starters, right now!

  • Peter - Headquarters - The Hamptons - Holden Vale - Thistleton Estates - are still active and money is shown as holdings - stock money is shown and shareholders are listed - so - who can close them - and where they close investments - that's a question! We haven't been defeated yet, believe me, I have so much struggle inside of me......

  • It seems like everybody in the industry that knew these guys knew that, so I think it was cool because they weren't investing, so they had no interest in rocking the boat. If they did, we wouldn't be in this situation. Earth, it's the law in Britain, for God's sake, stop these bloodsuckers and I'm kind enough to suck the old naive of all his savings, his humanity, his trust and all..... AUTHORITIES WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE - go after them all - STOP - NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!

  • I wonder if the Harewood Associates property of 376 shares in Peel Gardens (Edenfield) has been paid to put in the pot for those of us who owe us.

  • I would like to know where to look for the source of this breakdown of information.

  • Pauline: They have every right to do anything with this, but as they struggle to keep the business running, their first priority will be paying off creditors like suppliers or contractors who are threatening to take them to court.

  • I really hope the trustees ensure that building homes by top developers as per Harewood's books was a losing exercise regardless of site size, even the 3 Hampton homes after hitting 1.3 million. We have to assume that all purchasing documents were coded on the correct page and that all wipes were valued correctly! The soles processed the payments! What happens to unfinished and semi-finished sites?

  • EEC – Re where to drill. I've used the "Confirmation" instructions under "Filing History" for company information on the Companies House website, but I don't see any mention of payment for Peel Gardens on file. Where did you get that from Pauline?

  • Ed – Company House, Peel Gardens Endfield Ltd files, first pdf. shareholder list

  • Ed, and it doesn't say "cash out", it just lists who currently has shares. Payment would fall under a different heading. I would think

  • Pauline – Wow, blogging in the middle of the night! Confirmation statements detailing shareholders must be filed every 12 months and over time the paid shares will be listed as transferred i.e. H. transferred to Harewoods when investors submit their certificates. When everything is transferred, the company will be dissolved.

  • Hi, does this mean that if I don't turn in my stock certificates, they can't be cancelled?

  • Hello, this piece of paper on normal 4 paper is worth less, it's not like buying stocks, tell ICI your stocks are worth less than my bonds.

  • EEC - The company I'm talking about is spv company, not Harewoods. If you do not present the certificate when Harewoods sends notification that the money is available for transfer, you will not receive your money. In this regard, it is worth keeping the certificate. Many payments have been made and the sites have been paid in full, but anything can happen like a Ponzi scheme.

  • Yeah, my thoughts are illegal ponies, right?

  • Ed, why should the shares delivered to Peel Gardens be added specifically to the Harewoods shares and not to some other shareholder? And yes, some of us get more rest in the middle of the night!

  • And certainly these shares are assets held by Harewood Associates and must be added to what can be returned to the people to whom they are owed. It also stands to reason that they also have assets in other companies like stocks, right?

  • Hi Peter, correction, my shared certificates are about 3 times smaller than an A4.

  • ED just wanted to say thank you I'm learning a lot it might be a little late this should be included in the school curriculum NOW as part of the business course I would go to 6th grade for nothing to get the message in between,

  • Pauline: The "affirmation" statements, which list the shareholders and how many shares each currently owns, must always add up to 1,000 because that was the number originally created. So when Harewoods buys back an investor's stock, the stock versus the investor will go down and the stock versus Harewoods (venture capital) will go up. So it's just a list of actions and not a set of accounts. Harewoods uses the money paid for shares as working capital to build (or have built) the developments. It's not about paying old investors, that would make it a Ponzi scheme, which is illegal. Money for investors comes from the sale of the property and by rights must be held in a separate account for each SPV location until all sales are completed. At this point, all investors on this site will receive their share. This is clearly not the case. We expect the trustee report to tell us what happened and not just list total assets versus total receivables.

  • I hear you loud and clear and these are my thoughts as I say again Ponzies are illegal

  • I'm not blaming them for doing this, just pointing out why it shouldn't be done.

  • Hi everyone, do we have someone who worked for you, I bet you have a story to tell? I hope you'll reach out to the admins if you have anything of value to help us out.

  • I just watched Simon Dufton trying to raise £40,000 for his mum who are said to have lost that sum to Harewood Associates.
    Considering the admins haven't reached out yet, I'm baffled as to why you're trying to get money back from this site.

  • Ed: Thanks, but I'm much more interested in finding out where the money that was taken from us now is and helping those who can help find it and get it back if possible. Everything else is irrelevant to me at this point. My goal is to follow the money, get it back, and hopefully keep others from failing like us.

    EEC: Any chance I could buy this ex-employee a drink and hear some stories?

  • My being, they couldn't afford a 4 paper in the end, Peter had lost the money during a weekend at the casino.

  • A lot of people say they got calls from KK and LJ on Feb 19th to invest, well they sure were well under the 32m deficit by then?

  • Pauline, I looked it up. You probably already know all of this. Peel Gardens was the conversion of an old church into 8 apartments. The conversion was carried out by Southworth Construction (of which Laura Jones of Harewoods acted for a time as manager).https://www.southworthconstruction.co.uk/developments/peel-gardens-edenfield/and apartments marketed by Walmer Homes (Peter Kierly is director) www.walmerhomes.co.uk/property/peel-gardens-edenfield-plot-1/
    So your money was probably loaned to Southworth, who would have to pay interest and may already have paid it back, but you can't claim it anyway. I think the only way for you is to determine if all the apartments have been sold, and if so, ask to redeem your shares as per your contract.

  • Hello, just for the record, I have requested several times that Harewoods send me a letter requesting the return of the share certificate for redemption in Holden Vale and Thistleton to go green by September 18th. I am not

  • Sherwood: Can anyone find out where they are? I have several companies asking for help locating right now as all contact details are unanswered. Let's find her! They built many of the homes we invested in.

  • Ed: Yes, and as I said, my only interest is finding out where our funds are hidden. Personally, I don't have inventory, but I put as much information as possible on the site. It might be useful for other people.

  • Well, nowadays, when there is a police investigation with the fraudulent police, when you travel from one country to another, there is a record of fingerprints wherever you go, they will find them. And if they're gone, what does that tell us they're all to blame? For that, this is a high-level crime of fraud, and you need to show these fat bastards that you don't treat honest people who work and get away with it this way.

  • When a company stops responding to queries, it's usually a sign that it's going bankrupt or worse. Any business associated with Harewood will likely collapse like a house of cards by now, but I doubt it's gone anywhere. Sadly with so few of us chatting on this site I doubt anyone is around Bolton to check the office is closed.

  • The 100% Harewood offices at 20 Chorley are absolutely empty

  • Sorry if I misunderstood, I was referring to the Sherwood offices, which appear to be in Stockport.

  • Hi I have someone coming I hope to see earlier this week he lives very close it's a big building!

  • I wrote to my local MP, I don't know if it will help, but I suggest others do the same. The more people who know, the better.

  • I emailed the Bolton MP and my 2 local MPs in March; Never heard anything so moody in April. I stopped holding my breath. Waiting until they need local support for the next election. !

  • Let's be honest, we won't get anything back and nothing is being done to prevent future people from getting caught like us! I can't believe how I was deceived by this disgusting group.

  • Rams 128 - They were prepared like the rest of us - they were experts at what they did, making money off lies and making you feel like experts and real professionals and in the UK that's fine - do it Don't prepare Winning when you put that energy into prevent such investments from happening again by contacting your MP and getting reports in schools to get this covered in curricula as this is how billions are lost a year and until then it doesn't get tangled up anywhere. any warnings to make you think someone can lie like that and think it's perfectly fine to do so and have a great life at our expense………….. I'm waiting on the admins report like 1400+ others….

  • Andrew Beale. Some of us, as I heard from my MP, I doubt they can do much, but I know that ours wrote to the admins. I also believe that the more we can spread the word, the better.

  • It is good advice not to punish yourself by investing in these fake investments, but it is also very normal and you are expected to feel extremely depressed and disgusted with yourself and the perpetrators who committed this horrible act of robbing people. It really isn't that easy to just accept it as a bad day and get on with life tomorrow, there are hundreds of life savings tied to it and without that the future is very bleak.

  • My MP and Bolton don't seem to have done theirs so well, anything that shows support from MPs writing a letter or email must be worthy as it means they know they are being 'looked at'. In'

  • Information about the Begbies intranet.
    Meeting Manchester Hilton 9. August.
    To hear..

  • Just read the admin report. Several people have invested six figures here, two of them with £400,000, so I think they're going crazy. It appears that most of the money owed to Harewood came from other related companies, many of which also mysteriously went bankrupt. You're talking about a best case scenario of perhaps £5m (16p to £1) being recovered before costs. My guess is that they won't get much more than enough to cover their own costs and expenses (estimated at around £300,000, but arguably more) and there will be little to nothing for us. Total stitching from Kiely and his team.

  • He has a job as a director he has to be reported to a new company that has despicable business practices in a bad review !!!!!!!!

  • Is the manager's report finally out for investors today? Is it by mail or email?

  • The report can be found on the Begbies intranet. You can find the login details in your previous correspondence with them.

  • Sorry to be so stupid, but I can't find how to access the Begbies intranet. Can someone post a link or a dumb guide?

  • Becomeshttps://nextranet.begbies-traynor.com
    Enter the password you received in the first or current letter from Begbies.
    I will not publish it here as it is only intended to limit creditor access.

  • Ed, thanks for your help, much appreciated, is there any evidence of wrongdoing mentioned?

  • It doesn't say so explicitly. Describes the trustee's findings to date on what Harewood did with all the money, such as: B. transferred to eight other bankrupt companies, including Sherwood Homes, directly or indirectly owned by Kiely, and these companies have been liquidated or ceased operations with no prospect of recovering the "loans". The administrator needs to look at the situation much more closely before deciding whether a case should be referred to the authorities, but it seems to me that the reckless behavior continued for some time beyond the point where it was clear that the entire corporate network was insolvent. Ten of the worst-hit investors forced management to hold a creditors' meeting, but the resolutions under discussion concern only whether Begbies should remain in management and whether a committee of creditors should be formed. It will not be a meeting where Harewood Associates' conduct can be challenged or creditors can express their feelings, although they likely will anyway.

  • Ed Thingy - Begbies has already laid out the grim prospects for recouping the money. 16p per pound at best and nothing at worst. Which seems more likely, as the holdings describing a sum of money to be repaid is actually owed by the sophisticated Kiely Brothers Inc.
    I admire their clear perspective on things, but the fact that Begbies got results after the first report tells me there's not much to look forward to and they know it. I spoke to Paul Stanley yesterday and he said investors were in no rush to do anything, reading between the lines: "No money after Begbies got their huge fees for services rendered. The only thing that comes to mind is that they don't call these Kiely Bros. of thieves and criminals when it's obvious that these men are laundering our money in their small holding companies, stealing it as loans, and after a while turning you in. tuck administrators. I firmly believe that it is up to us, the investors, to take legal action against Kiely Bros ASAP, either as a class or individually, I will definitely start working on that today.

  • I'm also baffled why they didn't come out and clearly say there are irregularities, why is that when you say it's obvious?

  • I didn't come out and say there was clearly an irregularity, why is that when you say it's obvious?


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    The Begbies are bankruptcy trustees, not criminal defense attorneys. It won't do them any good to pursue this like a criminal enterprise, wasting resources and eating their own profits to prove what everyone already knows. The Begbies are on Superior Court only to settle the Harewood case and not get involved in long, dark cases involving thieves who don't answer the phone. I need to know if the guy who runs the facebook group that supports harewood investors has moved it to a private group. There are things that need to be addressed, but not in an open forum!

    NAME *

  • ok let's see if that makes sense - they only had investments in construction projects FACT - some SPVs were created when it's clear you won't get the investment back until everything is sold and all certificates are in place - why - how - where was this money earned? out - whose money was bought handsomely - fined 170,000 - unfinished projects still lying around - withdrawn to give to other companies - whose money - owes 32 million in less than a year - became director of another company he founded - got another I work in the same director role while all this is going on. I SMELL A BIG RAT

  • EEC: The Administrator says that SPV investors are not currently considered unsecured creditors and are not included in the list accompanying the report. Therefore, you will not be eligible for payment of even a fraction of the recovered funds, but as I said, the probability of payment is zero for everyone in any case.

  • Blue: I think the Facebook page we're talking about ishttp://www.facebook.com/Investors-Support-Group-Harewoods-Associates-Administration. It's still open access, but anyway the posts are pretty boring and each spawns its own topic. There don't seem to be any suggestions for joint action and I wouldn't recommend it as a place to do so. Finding out how the group proposing a creditor committee organized the communication seems like a better prospect, but I haven't figured out how to do that. You may need to attend next month's meeting to find out.

  • Another thought. The Telegraph said on July 3 that it had 1,400 "clients", which I assume they mean investors. If that's the case, it looks like there could be around 500 SPV investors not included in the report, potentially with another £10m! On the other hand, most of them may have included SPV and fixed income investments as a whole in their claims, which are among the approximately 900 listed in the report. All very speculative.

  • Yes, this is the Facebook group I'm talking about. I don't find it annoying because there aren't as many affected members as there should be. With all due respect, this bonus review works exactly the same, reading the same Q&A, assumptions, and speculation. I don't think it's boring, but it's an open issue, whereas Facebook can be closed down and made more private. I guess it doesn't matter now that the pool owner still hasn't closed the pool and the Begbies have more or less stated that there is virtually nothing left to save and they have no interest in cooperating with the likes in a possible useless police criminal investigation.

  • Thank you for taking the time to report Action Fraud. Your report has been sent to the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) for review.

    NFIB experts review the information you provide. Whenever possible, the information is also crossed with other available data to enrich and confirm the details of the scam. The NFIB examines whether there are viable lines of investigation that a law enforcement agency such as the police would allow them to investigate.

    On this occasion, based on the information currently available, it was not possible to identify a line of investigation that the UK Police could pursue.

    Registered users of our service have the opportunity to update their report. So if you have additional information about your crime that you think might change the rating, please log into your account and submit that information. We continuously evaluate the content of individual and linked criminal reports; If a claim is identified, we will let you know.

  • Hi Ed Thingy, if you decide to go to the creditors meeting on August 9th, would you like my power of attorney? I can't go but, like you, I'd like to connect in some way with the group that forced the creditors' meeting, as they seem to be a little closer together than us "whining and complaining".

  • Tony: It seems unlikely that I'll make it to the meeting after all, with family commitments piling up. I now intend to submit my voting options to the President for processing. Agenda items are unlikely to change the way things are done, regardless of the outcome, but it seems to me that any move to change administrators will only increase the fee bill and creating an oversight committee is a double-edged sword. . You can keep expenses under control, but there are fees for keeping the committee informed and for calling meetings when necessary.

  • Can anyone tell me how to remotely access the August 9th meeting?

  • Danny: How soon did you get a response from Action Fraud after you sent them the crime report? What did you write to tell them that you have nothing to investigate?

  • We have to report this terrible disaster to the police individually, someone please advise?

  • Hello, I managed to complete a fraudulent operation and received a visit from the police. Now I'm wondering why 20 Chorley New rd is still advertised as the Co House registered office when it's empty. I think there are over 10 companies with that address associated with you.

  • 28 days but just voiced initial concerns. Now I will answer with more evidence

  • There's no point in presenting evidence to the Fraud Squad with statements like "You should know this and that" or "That's obvious". It should be a statement of fact that you could make on the witness stand. A date an event happened, then a date something else happened. Hence an irrefutable conclusion supported by written documentation.

  • Hello everyone Pk this is how it works

    If you didn't get something in writing or on record, it didn't happen. That's how they see it. Remember, if you give them enough numbers I'm sure you'll have at least a suspicion to wonder if they've told you something. they must see something guaranteed, concrete in reverse: go hunting, you must find!

  • Can you tell what this answer refers to? Who's to say it never happened?

  • in law you have to have proof or you can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt so see what you have in letters or emails etc. It's terrible after the event if you've never been tricked before

  • Thanks for the answer, yes I know all that but I was referring to whoever is asking investors for evidence. The coup? The admin? The FCA?

  • I think it's about how you approach the theft reporting process.

  • Are you intentionally vague and protecting a source? Who is she"? And Friday"? What are you talking! If he can't do it properly then we can leave it at that.

  • Hey John, don't shoot the team player, it's the serve, the predicted text will change when ok is pressed

    I responded to a previous thread asking how to turn a complaint into fraudulent activity. Believe me I am very
    disgusted how they all added up

    It took me 10 minutes to make this message accurate. I go to bed. Have a good day.

  • Who is Juan? Are you replying to my previous message? So we all need a proper closed group forum for correspondence. It's getting ridiculous.

  • Jones, in the letter we received from the managers, they say that if you have any concerns about the conduct of Harewood and others associated with them who may have acted improperly in the conduct of business, you should let them know. However, the same evidence can also be shared with the scam team.

  • Thank you Pauline. Finally someone who can keep things simple and logical. I still haven't gotten a letter from the Begbies when I think about it. I'm only aware of the intranet documents from last week which show that very little of the assets are left and they are keeping them. I'll call her now. Thank you again.

  • Does anyone contact the JMR Solicitor attorney? You said you could help us recover our lost money by taking legal action against those two fat bastards.

  • I would be very interested in making them feel comfortable with metal too, if they've had stuff before that everyone has posted online, don't worry.

  • As a retired attorney, I would like to know, with all due respect, if and how long you have specialized in these matters. I think it goes beyond being an experienced attorney. It appears that many of the online comments were unbridled expressions of personal distaste for those who were directors of the company before it went into management. This seems out of place to me, although I could be wrong.
    I think the investor's case has to do with the representations and caveats in the offer to get people to spend their money investing in Harewoods.
    The issue is not just whether or not the customers were fraudulent, but how the funds can be recovered through a skilful reading and evaluation of the Begbies report and discovering where the funds went.
    Note that if I remember correctly the Begbies fee is £250k + VAT, probably with extras. We need to know what the structure of attorney fees would look like. More information is needed.

  • Yes, I just contacted them online so I'm expecting a call from them on Monday. So if they are sure they can get our money back then they must offer no profit no fees ok or have nothing to lose if they want 25% I'm happy with that and they won't take it unless they think they can win . , if they don't offer all of us these terms, we could lose even more money, Sincerely, Pete Toms

  • Someone on Facebook said it's no win, no fee -?

  • Hello boring, are you an investor? Can you identify the most factual of anything shown, including Facebook, that might prove we have an affair?

  • The lawyer had already informed me last Monday that these cases are not free cases. Expect a high initial fee percentage to accept it.

  • I did, I asked Bushra last Monday and she already told me that she can't take the case because she doesn't earn anything, she doesn't pay.

  • Yes, I'm an investor. I think it's crucial to avoid claims settlement companies that promise funds for a free upfront fee. Lawyers won't do that.
    There are people who don't win for nothing, that is. 20-25% of the estimated amount to be charged to accountants.

  • So instead of just having a lawyer for the Harewood class, we find our own lawyers?

  • If we're going to file a lawsuit, I think it should be a class action so there are no double costs. However, in my previous post, I tried to say that any lawyer would not be suitable. We need someone with experience in litigation and with the kind of financial product that Harewood sold. We need someone who can verify the Harewoods claims and that a clear warning has been issued. In terms of fees, this can be done without pay, but this will depend on the anticipated workload and the assigned lawyer should be able to assess this. I raised the situation with a highly qualified person who would review it, but they are very busy at the moment.

  • Not the answer I got from them. Basically, Sarah Bluston (JMW) stated that they had nothing to do with money transfers and talking to hardwoods... good ideas. The bank that originally processed the funds does not match my bank either.

  • annoying that the soles never answered my question. Could this be a scam as I 100% believed a lawyer was managing all funds in spv and they also disclosed throughout PR that this was the case? Some I know had letters consolidating this that were later changed to Harewood's own internal team without notifying any investors? Had he known that, he certainly would have listed the stock long before I did, as I'm sure most investors would have done the same and not have waited years!

  • Sorry I got off topic, I just had a visit from the police, they think there is a case to answer so I gave them all the info I could, emails, letters etc. Otherwise, I'm pleasantly surprised, this is a continuation of my anti-fraud report.

  • hello pauline sure you are on the radar now -? yay

    That should be a good sign, so let's hope others are as lucky and we get what we want: metal smell.

  • That's good news. Good job. This is definitely a change from the first reports from Harewood investors last month, which indicated that the police had concluded that the Kiely brothers' report did not have any cases that matched the evidence sent to them. Well, now there should be compelling evidence to fully investigate these crooks along with Kay and Laura.

  • laura - Kay - Mollie et all - Karma is coming - fingers crossed

  • I took my time here. I was just told today about hardwood. Like all the people I invest in here, someone wrote a letter about it because they didn't send me anything. Ps Kay Kennedy has a new job I saw.
    sea ​​path

  • Which letter? What is Seaway?

  • my name here

  • What I said was that I didn't know that Harewoods had failed. I lost a lot of money. Just like the rest of the people here, Colin.

  • Seaway - if you have an SPV you don't get a letter, they're undecided if we're a creditor then we're a shareholder.

  • OK thanks. I made an investment with them 3 years ago. Paid %10 monthly, then dropped %8, now nothing. You'll probably get away with it, this isn't the first time this couple has done something like this to people.

  • I'm not a shareholder, that's bad. I am a bondholder which puts me second as a true bondholder to secured creditors i.e. banks etc.

  • Anyone from Derby Notts goes to the meeting and can seat a paying passenger as if they were in a big dirty van; Otherwise, you have the option of sharing the costs. contact if you can 07722329293

  • Bluesman: The Administrator currently treats fixed income investors as creditors, but has not yet decided whether to include SPV investors as such. This is a crucial distinction when it comes to what, if anything, to do in your case. When you say you're a bondholder, do you mean you're a fixed income investor (like me) or an SPV investor? As far as I know, SPV investors have purchased shares of the individual company established for the respective equity, eg Holdens-Tal. So that would make you a shareholder in this company that can still be shown as active by Companies House. (This is unreliable.) Perhaps SPV investors should write to the "director" of their respective company on Chorley New Road (who will presumably be directed to the Administrator) and ask whether the company is still in business and when the shares will be expected to be available. if it is removed. By the way, I note that the lump sum reduction letter came from Walbury House, 14 Dalton Court, Commercial Road, Darwen, BB3 0DG, so please send a copy of the application to that address as well.

  • He invested £30,000 in Peel Gardens Edenfield. Laura Jones/Kay Kennedy took my money quickly. 1 year SPV through last February. Peter Kiely simply ignored my letters and emails. Kay Kennedy is a liar. I have reported them to the FCA, FSCS, Action Fraud, Financial Ombudsman, Rip off Britain and Rogue Traders. Nobody could help me. The private company continues to operate from Companies House at 20 Chorley New Road and in an empty building. Harewood administrators cannot help me. I even called Walmer/Sherwood Homes and looked up David Burnett Scott, the corporation director, who is nowhere to be found. There are still properties for sale in Peel Gardens Edenfield. So there is still wealth. Can someone help me please? This is cheating at its best.

  • The same but more investing 3.5 years ago into a 1 year investment. Nothing returned and same correspondence or missing. What was your reference for the fraud report? I will add it to mine.

  • It is very difficult to know how the SPV will work because some have probably withdrawn titles: I have a national debt collector

  • Action Cheat Ref: AF435740207GB

    I was told they had no more reports. But if we put all our reports together, it sure makes a difference.
    Peter Kiely, David Kiely, David Burnett Scott and Kay Kennedy should be arrested.

  • I added it to my report.

  • I don't understand why they say something is wrong because two reference numbers listed above are genuine report numbers given to Harwood investors!

  • Dear Ed Thingy Yes, I sent a legal request by Registered Post to 20 Chorley New Road but et oyal m asil could not deliver as the building was empty. I called House House to notify them and they said they would write to Mr. Scott asking for a new address. To date, this has not happened. I then sent the legal complaint to his address at 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom Bury, but he replied that he did not know me personally and did not owe me money and threatened me with a solicitor if I continued. Basically, I think I hit a nerve with getting him home. As I carried my letter as a parcel from Lucas, when the Royal Mail delivered it he signed it thinking he was getting a Pressie. The last time the Begbies called Traynor, she told me that they couldn't help people with SPVs. Surely someone can help us!

  • Hi, I sent over a dozen requests while still trading and made sure 5 other employees received them as well, ignored

  • We must all raise a great claim together. The police have to listen. No attorney will do that if you don't get a fee. Why should we pay more fees? But if we did it together, we could get help and people would listen.

  • Does anyone think a national newspaper would cover this?

  • I am also concerned that Begbies Traynor is affiliated with Harewood Associates. When I called them to ask when I would get my money. They quickly told me that my name is not on the investor list as my money was invested in SPV. I deposited my £30,000 into a bank account in Harewood through Laura Jones. And I got a letter from Kay Kennedy saying she was my investment manager. So how can they say I'm not a Harewood customer since my funds went through their channels? Something doesn't feel right here.

  • All three Holden Vale Thistleton Hamptons are finished and all sold and still showing shareholders are listing some on Companies House so where's the money? I was told we had to go back to the SPV holders. It is this developer. it's because no one at harewoods would say yes they had the money but jnw sols in manchester should monitor and control payments; You dont answer my question. It seems like everyone is crouching and diving everywhere. tell who do we go when we have spv????

  • Can anyone tell me what happened in today's session?

  • They formed Ltd companies for each build, most of which didn't actually happen. It's as if booking.com isn't really responsible for the hotels it sells. In other news, Kay Kennedy posts beach pics and Peter drives a Bentley.

  • They say go to the company... which is guess who

  • Something must be done. This involves a lot of money and is very vague.
    Developer name is
    David Scott Burnett
    is the home address
    11 Howe Drive
    Sherwood Homes has been sued by superior courts for over 100,000 in health and safety allegations. He will use our money if we are not careful.

  • I think newspapers would be interested to know how much money this is. I think we should create an online petition and send it to Begbies Traynor and Action Fraud. The FCA is said to be interested now. This is daylight robbery and fraud and must be stopped.

  • Here is embezzlement. Something LC and F are scrutinized for by FSCS. If we paid money through Harewood Associates for a one-year SPV contract and we believe it was managed by Harewood, that is a misleading sale.

  • Not all luxury apartments at Peel Gardens Edenfield have been sold yet. So this development is still worth it and actions must be taken before all the apartments are sold and he takes our money. Post to the Peel Gardens Edenfield Facebook page. I'm the only one who did this. And we hope that all future buyers of these apartments will read and decide not to buy.

  • Post comments on the Peel Gardens Edenfield Facebook page. This development still has value and not all of the luxury homes have sold. We have to stop him before he sells it and takes the money. I have posted a negative post which I hope will be read and moved by future buyers. We need to contact Rightmove, Zoola, Prime Location and tell them these houses were built with stolen money.

  • I bought the spv cos jnw sols who handled the finances and as far as I know they never did!

  • The FSCS is investigating LCF's claims as it was registered with the FCA but Harewood was not.

  • Yes Brev, I know. But if enough of us have been ripped off and our products have sold poorly, regulators can certainly step in. All investment firms today need to be regulated and I'm sure there is increasing pressure on the FCA to make this happen.

  • Hello, I will ADD to your pain and suffering because I will do the same on Monday. If we all make it together, maybe you'll feel the heat like you thought you wouldn't, how dare you? hide and tell? - nothing to do with me - as director he is responsible for everything - note to yourself put a post-it on the package and let him know!

  • Good for you EC. You think you can hide, but you can't. He's in charge, and now that he's taken our money, he doesn't think he needs to do anything else. Error. Peel Gardens is registered in Companies House as 20 Chorley New Road. This was Harewood's headquarters and now it's empty. How do you run a business in an empty building and why does Companies House allow this on their website? I wrote to them and told them.

  • Did anyone else from this forum make it to the meeting this afternoon?

  • I am/have been holder of fixed rate bonds from the 8 percent package since 2017.

  • I don't understand why Action Fraud is investigating some investors' claims and many other investors are reporting that Action Fraud claims they have nothing they can do to help. Can anyone explain these two different sides of the activity?

  • This is interesting! Action Fraud told me that there was not enough evidence to help me. Do you know who Action Fraud helps? And what investments do they have? For example, holders of fixed income securities or SPV shareholders

  • Sorry, all I remember is a comment posted on this forum and on Facebook that the person was given a home visit by the police following the stock fraud report, that there were sufficient lines of inquiry to show continued police involvement. It was late July or early this month when the comments were posted. Don't think it said whether someone else's was SPV or not, you'd have to search all the comments here and on Facebook to find out who posted them.

  • Thanks Bluesman007 I will

  • Karlos I reported my loss to the promotion scheme but to be honest all I could talk about was my loss and hello I hadn't heard from anyone about this rabbit forest. I had bonuses but got switched over to stock scams in 2013 when I got scammed. £8690 and never heard a word from them 6.5 years ago so for me it's a waste of time it's really obvious people ripped us off by disposing of our savings and we certainly lost £1400 Police should intervene unless they they gave the admins a few million to keep them clean, what's a few million after all when you're robbing 1400 people with tricks to spend their savings and drive crooked cars? don't care about the world you fat greedy bastard

  • Promotion fraud number
    SPV de Hampton:

    Promotion fraud number
    Harewood Employees:

    Promotion fraud number
    EDENFIELD SPV de Peel Garden:

    Surely they should be able to help us now!!

  • Yes, it was there, I also saw it for myself. Bonds or SPV. It's the same as money should be for investing in real estate. remember that big cake cut into pieces properties another party sold the properties now remember you never sold a property at a loss? so our share up to 10% or my share up to 14% of the SPV and another share for them to run the show so it can't go wrong if the shares are split like everyone told us but no they did it. totally took the cake and took us for a walk so we can escape he's going to commit a theft and point the finger at us. pursue, many of them played a role in deceit and lies. pet toms

  • Yes Peter, I completely agree. Over time, as more and more people come forward and more evidence becomes available, the police need to be involved, which are serious crimes. As you can see, I compiled the promotion fraud numbers in the previous message. They really don't want to know. I also called my PM and he can't help. I ask you, in an age where we are conquering the moon and building nuclear weapons, would you not believe they could handle fraud and scammers! This is a misfortune.

  • KarLos can help, they don't want to, how do I know? Because, look at some website links I posted here a few weeks ago, they have privileges in the House of Commons that they can name and shame without being sued, so why not go in 2019? You should be ashamed of how I said I ask you to come to my door and ask for a vote

  • Hello,
    I'm new to this forum.
    I invested 55,000 in Peel Gardens now I can't get in touch with anyone in Harewood and it's like I don't exist...
    It seems that I am not on the list of creditors, how is this possible?
    I have proof that I sent a bank transfer.
    I certainly have to be at the top of the list.
    please someone help me here

  • Seems to me they just don't care

  • Hi Barry - you should go back to June when you started this forum and read and read the response here. It may not be the result you want, but start over and also go to the Facebook page: Harewood Support Group. Hang on. it helps a little! I am also an SPV holder in 3 locations and I continue to research

  • Thanks EEK,
    I'll take care of it now.

  • It is not possible to obtain information about meetings that are of interest there.

  • Hello, as I understand it, a committee has been formed, I'm not sure who or what their interests are, but I think we should all at least be a part of it to make sure everyone's interests are served. It's best to be a committee where people feel they are working. If it represents all of us, how are they going to get in touch with me or how are they going to update us as strangers?

  • If the 10 richest investors who lost big money at Harewood showed up for this meeting on Friday the 9th, rest assured you won't find out what happened to them. Unfortunately, they are in a completely different category than the rest of us and were able to stop Begbies from receiving their fund payments because these investors met the criteria that Begbies needed to stop and allow this committee meeting. It is obvious that these high profile investors are stocking up on a side business beyond the rest of us, it always happens with the richest people getting their claims served and paid before anyone else. The rest of us will hear news of the meeting when Begbies posts the transcript on his intranet site.

  • I hold my breath, the rich 1 percent of Harewood investors have a chance to make their money back because they need to hire more lawyers to bring down the fat crooks Begbies and Kiely brothers.

  • Hi Barry, I also invested 30,000 in Peel Gardens Edenfield. I first informed Action Fraud. If you do the same, maybe both steal almost 100,000, surely they need to act. If you report you can add my promotion scam number AF435740207GB
    Next you need to summon Begbys Trayni to admins. They currently say that the shareholders' names are not on their investor list. But the more we call them and complain, the more we make them listen. I also paid my money through Harewood Associates and I have a letter of introduction that says Kay Kennedy is my investment manager so they are responsible. You can then, like me, write to developer David Burnett Scott at his home address. 11 How to Drive, Ramsbottom, Bury and Complain. I sent a legal complaint to his address because 20 Chorley New Road where Peel Gardens is registered is an empty building. This is a start. My number is 0744 346 0612 if you want to talk

  • P.S. Barry, if you browse the Companies House website at Peel Gardens Edenfield, you can get details on Director David Burnett Scott and see the names and amounts of other investors. This SPV still has value as not all apartments have been sold yet. I also went to the Peel Gardens Facebook page and left a negative post about David Burnett Scott. If you do the same, we can give him a little aggression, as any home buyer is put off by bad reviews.

  • Hello Sue. If you google stock fraud, you can open a new query. You can add my Action Fraud number and 2 others in the message above
    I'm meeting with Action Fraud in Scarborough in early September. So if you give me your AF number I can take you to my date with you. David Burnett Scott is the manager of Peel Gardens Edenfield, his address is 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom Bury. I sent a legal request to your address. He is just as disgusting as the Kiely brothers and replied that he doesn't know me and doesn't owe me money. It's still worth it at Peel Gardens SPV as not all apartments have been sold. I wrote to the manager, Begby Traynor, saying that my money was paid through Harewood and that they should consider me a customer. I also left a negative review on the Peel Gardens Facebook page, condemning David Scott and Harewood Associates. Hope this all helps. I won't give up until I get my money back.

  • Hello, I also sent your home address to my debt collectors; I also went through a mountain of emails and forwarded them to the administrators, showing that they were on track to finalize the Thistleton and Holden Vale Thistleton finances in September. How can they say they had casualties before it defeated me? I want back the money I worked so hard to earn from my insured asset investment that is still active in the co-house

  • devansjennifer@gmail.com

    I just met this agent in Bury. I sent all the details of Mr. Burnett Scott, hoping you can give me some advice on how to get my money back from this scammer!

  • I feel like we need some clarity here.
    Are we shareholders, investors, owners or something else?
    I want justice and my money back.
    I was informed that, as a shareholder, I can be liable for the debts of a company in which I am a shareholder, are you sure?

  • Did the manager find assets or is it just a total loss?

  • All I know, Barry, is that I have an investment in Peel Gardens Edenfield Ltd and I own 26 preferred shares. There were 1000 shares. The management company was Harewood Associates. I think 3 or 4 apartments out of 8 are already sold. Where did that money go? If there were passive spending, surely we as investors should have been informed. I didn't get a contract. It's a complete mess!

  • According to the Companies House website, Peel Gardens accounts are due in October.

  • You just wasted your money. Report it to the police and seek a lawyer.

  • Hi Karl - please note that there are some SPV companies, e.g. B. Holden Vale The Hamptons Thistleton Estates - in these I have interests, no they are not mentioned anywhere so we deposit the money here from Harewoods we show a Ltd company in Co House - we have all shareholders by name and share listed property , now these three are SOLD and that's it, I requested redemption of shares, closure of companies, I heard NOTHING! That's what all SPVs complain about, nobody tells us what to do: What happened to our safe asset that should represent investment funds in these companies, is it still there or not? ! You see he just put Harewoods in administration, not these other Ltd companies, so without more powers they can't go deep, that's my guess... but... I put money into a certain site to build it them and make a profit, records should appear in these companies, have some money, but they don't. For example, at Harewoods, did you have a project called The Hamptons, Holden Vale? Nobody will answer my questions because I am not a believer: ridiculous.

  • Thank you Bluesman007. I have already contacted the top 3 fraud lawyers.

  • Thank you EEK. All I know is that there are many defunct companies in Companies House associated with brothers Kiely and David Burnett Scott. I can't speak for other developments you mentioned as I don't keep up with them. All I know is that Peel Gardens Edenfield is still active and there are unsold properties that are part of the deal value. I know that David Burnett Scott is associated with Walmer Homes because Mollie Lythgoes names her marketing manager on my stock certificate. He is also linked to Sherwood Homes, which has just received a hefty health and safety penalty from the High Court in London.

  • Hi Karl, well, PK is now a director there too, keep everyone together, if you sleep with dogs you will have fleas... they are realtors, so they also sell their own properties and earn more.
    Cut - quickly pull again!

  • It's not that you're not a believer. They betrayed you just like me, I'm a believer. There were no collateral-backed assets to rely on, this was just fraudulent literature for us to invest in. Harewood was simply a Ponzi scheme that distributed our money to other Kiely brothers companies and then liquidated them to keep the money it claims is gone. Nasty little operation to get involved with.

  • very well good luck

  • Well, Harewood took my money, which is why I'm bugging the admins right now.

  • Ladies and gentlemen

    I tried calling the main operator number, but after being on hold for over half an hour, I decided to write.
    I registered this scam AF435740207GB many months ago
    They told me there was no further evidence or investigative leads. Well now 2 more people have complained to Action Fraud. There are references NFRC190603055390 and NFRC190302868680.
    There are many other people who have had their savings stolen by Peter Kiely of Harewood Associates, who is now in administration. If you look at Harewood Associates on Facebook or the WordPress site, you will see how many people have had their money stolen.
    David Scott Burnett remains an active director of Peel Gardens Edenfield. His home address is 11 Howe Drive, Ramsbottom, Bury. They will not refund us our funds after the 1 year ownership agreement. Someone has to step in now and take over. That story was in the Telegraph newspaper today. Please help us, this is a serious scam. These people must be convicted and imprisoned.

    With best wishes

    Carlos Neumann

  • I just sent the above email to Action Fraud

  • Good. Don't let them put you down If they don't respond after 28 days, contact them.

  • Thank you Bluesman007. I will, but the Harewood story was in the Telegraph today, so it's out now.

  • Karl, can you post a link to this story, I'm having trouble finding it.

  • Just read this on the link. If confirmed, we will get 0.16p per pound. or I do not understand, can someone advise me?

  • 16p is Begbie's best setting right now. You also said total losses are possible. Each accomplishment can take years. So nothing is confirmed at this early stage.

  • gracias

  • This really needs a thorough forensic investigation into everything the Kielys are and have been involved in for years.
    Sick and tired of scoundrels like you who seem to get away with ripping off honest people who are just trying to get a better return on their hard-earned savings.
    And that's only because financial institutions screwed up completely and squeezed out returns for savers.
    I won't be happy until all the people responsible for the Harewood situation are in jail.
    I look forward to going to court if they are found guilty of this fraud.

  • I only have the minimum number of shares in a Thistleton Estate SPV, but that's still £5,961 of my life savings. I initially wanted to invest more but waited to see how they would do after the call and expected a 14.27% 12 month gain. My suspicions were raised when they stopped sending me updates. So one day I drove there and lo and behold, I couldn't even find the place. The zip code was right in the country and I had a hard time finding anyone in any of the nearby houses during the day. I mentioned this to Kay and she said she would arrange for one of the staff to meet me there. But from then on they were always very busy. After two years we found out that we had sold a "puppy" and lost our money. Fortunately, a relative of mine asked me about investing for his own retirement and I quickly told him that we couldn't give such advice as we had made a very bad investment.

  • It's hard to use any kind of money for a scam. At least you refrained from further investing and including others in the apparent scam. I'm ten times his investment in the hole and stupidly a parent had to invest and lose his ticket too. Incredibly hard to accept and my own pressure to pay losses beyond my own losses. Did you read the horrible report from the Begbies creditor meeting on August 9th along with Kiely's purely fabricated letter apologizing for actual guilt rather than blaming investors for wanting their money back? This really is one of the most senseless financial crimes of 2019 that nobody wants to help us with.

  • Listen, listen and for EVERYONE to continue to live a life they didn't work for, but owe to the common people you worked so hard to take to your grave! !! Pity for the dam system.

  • It's their EEC, something is very wrong here. EEC if they get away with it. I think they don't care about us like we should. He sees. Robert and I have been in contact with management a few times already so I don't think they take this seriously? I had to tell them it's obviously a scam if our money isn't there where did it go? to remember this pie showing his part, showing his part and showing the country part and the cost part
    Besides saying you've never sold a property at a loss? So where is our money? Did you or any of us know that now they are saying they borrowed our money? My £44k cash was supposed to be on the property, is that what it was about? No, the two fat idiots had enough time to hide it and live like millionaires. I don't trust the administration
    It's the fraud police who should be investigating these bastards.

  • As much as I hate to say it, our only option is the police fraud squad. We all already know that FCA, FSCS and FOS won't come close. And our administrators need to be held accountable for their complete apathy and indifferent behavior towards us, leaving little doubt that they are interested in locating our money. I wouldn't be surprised if the administrator was in bed with the Kiely brothers and had a healthy piece of top to keep cool. His attitude tells me it's not hard to look away from a million extra pounds anyway, is it?

  • We need to force action cheating and get Bolton's squad of cheaters moving, not just sitting and waiting, but giving them a lot more time to move more, including themselves, while laughing their hearts out.

  • You are still the police. No one can pressure them to do something they don't want to or rush their requests.

  • To all those affected by the management of Harewoods Associates I. To contact a member of the committee formed at the August 9 meeting of creditors, please use the following email address. This is a secure email group for SPV Harewood Lenders and Investors.
    As a precaution, you will be politely asked to provide proof of your investment, eg. B. a scanned letter. This is just to ensure that all communications are confidential between investors only.

    We took this step because we were not provided with a list of lenders, so we have no way of contacting anyone unless we send a message asking investors to contact us. So we can try to represent everyone's point of view.

    In connection with some of the comments made earlier in this topic, the committee is expected to represent all investors. It is made up of people selected at the meeting and not just the 5 people with the biggest investments. No one is trying to make a side deal with the Begbies. We try to work together.
    The members are

    Sir David Godfrey

    Sr. Susan Gerhard

    IN. rachel should

    Sr Vicente Forrester

    Irmã Graham Heywood

    Please contact us so we can all work together.

  • Does anyone have any further comments or updates from the Police Fraud Team?

  • Well, my deadline for Action Fraud News is this weekend. However, please remember that it takes 30 days from the date of recording to forward it to a researcher.

  • Bluesman007 Were you on the Bolton cheat team too? I wonder if that would help a bit.

  • Never heard of this Bolton scam team. So not me. Furthermore, Bolton residents seem to be doing better than the rest of the country. If promotion cheating didn't help, I see that Bolton's cheating team is doing something else.

  • Okay, let's keep our fingers crossed, so the time has come! Thanks.

  • Is there a glimmer of hope?

  • Yes, however, filing a civil or class action lawsuit against Kiely Brothers and Company can be very expensive. But I know that investors can prevail because they ran a huge scam.

  • hello i have to say
    IF this anti-fraud measure DOESN'T COST for us!

  • Everyone better get together and hope to win the lottery...

  • What relationship or exchange (if any) does the group post here have with the group on Facebook?

  • A look at the Begbies' renewed letter of 13th August should show what a listless and unprofessional business they run there. The letter, if I may loosely call it, looks like something you'd find in a Dumpster down the street. Cheap quality thin paper, clearly a scanned photo or photocopied letter with poor cutting and the colors faded, the writing faded and the paper wrinkled and wrinkled. It is truly pitiful and pathetic of an administrator worth millions of pounds. And then there's the coldness of writing and texting, they just don't care, it felt more like a chore to ask them to notify everyone to contact Action Fraud "if" we feel they've been misled and misled. a victim of. Well, thanks to co-managers Dean and Paul - you two really know how to manage our finances and stress while silently rooting for these two fat bastard crooks for not calling it what it really is! A classic Ponzi scam.

  • I suggest that all creditors here file a possible fraud case with the people at Action Fraud.
    If Action Fraud refuses to open an investigation into this matter, I believe that the matter should be taken to its MP and asked to reverse the decision, taking the matter to the responsible for the activities of the Action Fraud Organization competent minister is referred to the action.

  • I think most of us have done this. But what about the group of bondholders of 5 bondholders forming a closed group? I contacted them by email address after requesting proof of identity of investors and nothing! No reply. This is ridiculous considering personal information is on the letters you want.

  • Hi Bluesman, could I have your email address to make sure you're on the list? If you don't want to post it in this forum, send it to

  • Hello. I have forwarded my email to your email address as requested. Thanks for answering me.

  • I have it now Thank you very much.

  • OK, thanks for the info.

  • Hi Malcolm, I have reported this to Action Fraud 3 times, they seem uninterested. I called and wrote to my MP here in Scarborough. They told me they couldn't do anything. I have reported this to the FCA, Financial Ombudsman, FSCS, Companies House, Rip off Britain, Rogue Traders, Citizens Advice Bureau, The Police. No one can give help or advice. I'm out of options now. Suffers from exhaustion. Carlos.

  • I am surprised that Rogue Traders is not interested or unable to offer any assistance in publishing this issue. It might not be what they are doing as our problem is very specific to investing and not trading in services. I think the only real option is a civil suit against Harewood as an investment group. Either run by the Manchester law firm or we all find and agree on one before we know what it will cost us and draw up a binding contract and split the cost equally. I don't understand why it really takes so long to go one way or the other. The Kiely brothers and Kay's Harewood team trade/win again, so it won't be a waste of time. It's much better to keep our boots on the back of our heads for the money back than not bother us so they can do all this to someone else.

  • A civil suit against the Harewood entities will do no good as Harewood already owes you money.

    You would have to look after the directors personally, and it is very difficult to hold them personally responsible for the actions of their limited partnerships (since that is the purpose of forming a limited partnership).

    Even if such acts involve repeated infringements under the Financial Services and Markets Act to promote investment securities to the public without FCA approval.

  • It's time to press the action cheat. It looks like they are shirking their responsibility. Are you sure you can't keep SPVs active forever? There has to be a way to stop them and find the money or deal with the Kielys and Mr. Scott in a fair way - they don't need to feel less metal if they also lose all their SPV money!

  • Harewood boards of directors constitute a legal person of a company incorporated under corporate law. From the top down through ownership, partnership and corporation, these are the legal entities I'm talking about. The Kiely brothers fall into one or more of these units.

  • Karl, I still hope the admins push for wrongdoing, this could amplify a stock fraud case, but who knows. I think it would have been better if Kielys had been coerced into administration, but they found out later so they jumped before they were coerced. Perhaps the committee will push, but as nothing has been seen on the BP website about the actions they have taken, it's hard to say.

  • Trustees will not pursue restorative justice on behalf of investors. Begbies made it very clear in her report that this is not a priority for her.

  • The committee that has come forward to act on our behalf needs to know what we expect from this process and ask about the way forward. I haven't heard what their intentions are, but I've made some contacts with them to get a response yet.

  • I also sent ideas in the committee group email. Waiting for some comments.

  • Pauline, it's very disheartening, but reading the press about Action Fraud and its failures lately, I have little hope.
    They held a final workshop here in Scarborough to which fraud victims were invited. This one was even canceled due to low acceptance. I even contacted my MP but my petition was rejected.
    If we all became criminals, lying, stealing and cheating people, maybe we would get more attention than we do now. The justice system in Britain puts you to shame!

  • I think now that I've read everything Brev has updated us on Bondreview we have nothing to offer real UK citizens another disgusting bankrupt company to steal what you want and you get guaranteed immunity as we have absolutely nothing to help you , except criminals who lie in the most wrong temptations, writing publicly for you all to hear from you!!!!

  • Has anyone heard of Action Fraud?

  • If Action Fraud has reported your offense, you must contact the FCA with your NFIB number. They will then take your information, circumstances and number for the investigation.

  • Bluesman007 thanks for that.

  • Blaumann, thanks for that.

  • Tut, older moment there. Sorry

  • Has everyone here seen the latest Facebook photo of the Kiely clan?

  • you can share the link here

  • Yep says it all definitely send us all the great messages out loud trust the admins etc everyone is watching closely

    Laura Jones also discovered that she must be feeling the heat too.

  • ok thanks for the link

  • In case anyone is interested... Laura Jones started a lip filler business called Foolproof Aesthetics which can be found on Facebook, Instagram etc. A quick Google search and your address and phone number can be found for anyone you think deserves it. As much pain as Kay Kennedy! Why would he be able to start a new business when he's robbed a bunch of people and is still working for the fucking Kiely family?

  • Contact: Laura Jones
    7 Close Stretton
    Manchester M28 3YD
    Telephone service: 07834 553367
    Work email:infalible.aesthetics@gmail.com
    Site: facebook.com/infalibleleaesthetics

    Bad reviews and bad karma are coming your way!!

  • Correct, I left a correct review

  • We still have power KK and LJ, how dare you flaunt your business in front of us after the loss of over 32 million teams you were a part of, but you and many others know this is the tip of the iceberg? SPV holders need to be a part of this for the 32m to be forgotten.

    have a good day girls

  • Great find and information. All those affected, please update your Action Fraud Crime Reports with your details to complete the individual penalty section. This will be updated in the FCA.

  • I visited these bastards at their Bolton office mid-2019 to invest a large sum of money. I spent a lot of time browsing their website, reading their business model and watching videos of the actors(?) saying how much they trust this company and how they always get paid on time. I was particularly impressed when I read a prestigious Lancashire monthly and saw its advertisement.
    However, when I visited to discuss the details, I did not leave with a feeling of satisfaction and confidence. Now I know they would be totally happy to take my money even if they were in shit at the time. All your possessions, houses, cars, etc. they must be confiscated and added to what can be recovered. I sincerely hope to everyone who invested that there is a satisfactory result. This made me very skeptical about trusting anyone in financial circles. He even thought about LCF before he died! I'm close to retiring and like everyone else I can't afford businesses run by charlatans with brick morals who are quick and easy on my life's work savings. Like I said, bastards.

  • And he and the whole team looked you in the face!
    Absolutely despicable that he could laugh in front of a private jet runway!

  • Does anyone know how to get the money back? I invested all my money in fat bastard Therese. somebody help me

  • Does anyone know the whereabouts of the two Kailey brothers?

  • Well, I'm sorry to say this is NOT the full picture - SPV holders aren't getting anything in return either at this point, so it would definitely continue to grow to potentially £50m - and the mainstream financial sector is deafeningly silent. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Somebody help me, I invested £5000 but that fat bastard is gone. How do I withdraw money from there? My email address is [removed due to risk of fraud - Brev]

  • According to the administrators, your money is almost gone. I'm sorry for your loss.

  • How was my money? I'm donating £5,000 of my hard-earned earnings to Harwood Associates. You said your money was gone. Sorry. What is that? Can anyone help me get my money back. -lean]

  • How to contact the Fruad team and report this situation, money lost, any chance of money back

  • Action Fraud can be contacted athttps://www.actionfraud.police.uk. Don't expect any response other than a standard acknowledgment. Not because nothing gets done, but because when something gets done it can happen years after the fact.

    You also need some proof that Harewood committed fraud, as running a failed business is not fraud. (However, public solicitation of securities without FCA approval is a violation of the Financial Services and Markets Act.)

    Unless you've been recommended to invest in Harewood by an FCA regulated advisor or used an FCA regulated SIPP provider, you're probably out of money. Administrators have confirmed that recoveries will be minimal at best.

  • You don't have much hope, do you, Brev? Now we can also commit suicide. Happy New Year

  • If your survival depends on recovering Harewood, you should speak to the Samaritans at 116 123 now.

    If someone took your money, there's no reason to give them your life too.

    You too a happy new year.

  • My reference number is 206481553. FCA SOMEONE tell me when I will get my money back

  • Hey guys, since David must have a loft full of stuff by now, we all pitch in. I have three SPVs, all of them incorporated in limited partnerships have nothing - what do we call it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • More importantly, what do the police and beggars call it? Compared to other liquidators who currently work with the police and/or go to court to charge thieves with embezzlement, they never really cared.

  • If there are people here who have invested in SPV at Harewood Associates, please join the Investor Facebook group for civil complaints

  • I invested there, how to enter facebook???

  • Yes, the office is still for rent and has been empty since moving quickly!


    I can assure you they still exist, I could give you Peter's full address, but I fear for my own safety! Yes, it's that bad!!!, a really nasty job that usually outsources their 'dirty work' to a bunch of nefarious parasites in the Bolton area, most of them with some sort of criminal record. !!!!.

    You should look out for Harrison, nephew and uncle of these 2 fat cake eaters, he is and will be managing some to register new businesses soon.






    All of the linked companies shown above are the Kielys in disguise, the same old directors they represent, look and see and you will easily see the connections.




    Katie Irvine - an old friend of Harrison Kiely,

    Mr. Fleming goes back to all the Kielys including Brendan and others: a puppet director.



  • Karma my friends, Harewood's disgusting business ethics karma will hit you all - one of the directors of The Hamptons was not informed of Kiely - died last year,,,,,!,,,,

  • We all have a duty to care for this group. Thank you for all the information received and registered.

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