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many inlibrary worldThink about itAndrew Carnegiefor many audienceslibrarieshe built his fortune, but other than that, who was this man?

Andrew CarnegieHe was born on the 25th of November in Dunfermline, Scotland.18251835. As a child, his family immigrated to the United States, settling in Pennsylvania. Carnegie worked a number of jobs, including one as a messenger and operator for the Ohio Telegraph Company and as a clerk/telegraph operator for thePennsylvania Railroad Company. In time, he worked to become superintendent of the Pennsylvania Railroad Division in Pittsburgh and caught the eye of two company executives: Thomas A. Scott and the company's president.J.Edgar Thomson- both of which would remain influential throughoutthe life of Carnegie. Carnegie became very adept at investing, and one of his first attempts was to use his connections and skills to start T.T. Woodruff & Company (later Central Transportation Company), a manufacturer of railroad ties, and T.T.Pullman Palace Car Company.

In 1861 he was appointed Superintendent of Military Railways andUnion government telegraph linesin the east, as your mentorTomas Scotthe became Under Secretary of War. Because of his position, Carnegie was aware of the war machine during the Civil War and saw that there was a great need for iron products. After the war, he used this newfound knowledge to shift his business interests from railroads and telegraphs to the iron industry, eventually founding the Keystone Bridge Works. His contacts on the railroad, which needed a lot of steel, were very useful to him and he was able to use them to increase his business. Carnegie's business was in the midst of a rapidly changing America.

carnegieHe may have been known as a successful businessman, but he was also an innovator. Eager to make steel cheaper and more efficient, he successfully adopted thebessemer processat their Homestead Steel Works facility. he also broughtHenry arcilla-frickas a partner in 1881 and placed him at the head of the firm. By 1889, steel production in the United States had surpassed that of the United Kingdom, and most of it was under Carnegie's control. Until then, Carnegie was one of the richest men in the United States.

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1892 was a challenging year for the company. At the end of June, workers at the plant, members of the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers, went on strike.nearby farm. There was little activity for about a week, but that all changed on July 6, 1892, whenFrickhe broughtPinkertonto put the factory back under company control. After a brief fight in which several people were injured or killed, the state militia was mobilized. The company regained control of the factory, although there was an unsuccessful attemptkill an idiot. Later that year, the strike collapsed. Unfortunately, the events at Homestead stayed with Carnegie and his reputation was damaged for years.

Times have changed and 1901carnegie stahlmerged with the new company of J.P. Morgan merged -United States Steel Company. This gave Carnegie time to do other things, like write more. Although Carnegie wrote one of his most notable articles in the June 1889 issuenorth american reviewtitled "Wealth", he could now do more. In the November 22, 1914 issue of theNew York Tribunewrote an article entitled “Education for business success' and regularly contributed to magazinesXIX centuryYnorth american review. He even wrote several books, includingtriumphant democracy,The Gospel of Wealth, YAn American four-in-a-hand in Great Britain. His success influenced several people, including a gentleman namednapoleon hill, whom he met in 1908 while Hill was writing a series of articles about successful men. Hill has made a name for himself and has written several books on the personal success genre, includingthink and get richYThe Law of Success.

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carnegieit is also known in other fields, especially in education. More than 2,500 worldwidelibraries, most of them inUSA, were built and equipped with Carnegie funds. He also donated money to universities and centers of learning, includingCarnegie Mellon Universityand its engineering programCarnegie Institute of Technology, Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, the Tuskegee Institute and theCarnegie Institution of Sciencesin Washington, D.C. He also used his money to establish theCarnegie Endowment for International Peaceem 1910.

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carnegiediedAugust 11, 1919, but his legacy has lived on, though the libraries and universities he so generously founded, as well as cultural institutions likeCarnegie Hallit's himMuseus Pittsburgh Carnegiethat he built.

  1. Bill Porupsky data:

    I WAS COATED in Braddock on 11th Street. My dad worked at ET and I went to the library as a kid. I loved the old building. My dad hated Carnegie because he was unionized and didn't understand that he was just a tool to make steel. This started the trade union movement and the struggle for labor rights. That's why I became a union representative. Today I am retired as a federal employee

  2. Finlay Peter Brinkos data:

    (Video) Andrew Carnegie: Robber Baron or America’s Greatest Philanthropist?

    Hello, my name is Peter Brinkos.
    I'm from Toronto, Canada, but I'm a senior at the Phelps School in Malvern, Pennsylvania at 583 Sugartown Road, CEP 19355
    I graduated from Phelps in 1990
    I don't mean to be rude, but you forgot to mention that when Andrew Carnegie retired on his 65th birthday, he gave the city of Pittsburgh $100 million to do what it had to do.
    I learned this in 11th grade
    Timothy Phelps was my professor and the course was called American Cultures 2.
    It was a very intensive and very interesting class.
    I got 78% in class
    Reading your article made me think of Tim
    The Brinkos family also immigrated to Pittsburgh in the late 1920s and early 1930s.
    If you are in Pittsburgh, PA check out Brinkos Meats
    Have a beautiful day

  3. some petty data:

    Andrew Carnegie was born on November 25, 1835, not 1825.

  4. Against Terrell data:

    Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We moved on and made the switch.

    (Video) Greed Triggers a Horrific Disaster | The Men Who Built America (S1, E4) | Full Episode

  5. daniel owens data:

    this really helped my end, thanks.

  6. Roberto Wechsler data:

    As a labor historian, I am concerned about your characterization of the Homestead strike. His use of 1892 as "a challenging year" is misleading and gives the impression that the company was in financial trouble. The company made an estimated $4.5 million that year: Carnegie himself was quoted as saying, "Was there ever a deal like this?" The strike was not about wages; the question was whether the company would continue negotiating with the union. Despite the victorious year, the company demanded wage cuts, even though workers had accepted wage cuts in the previous agreement. There were never any real negotiations, as Carnegie Steel simply demanded pay cuts. So they knew exactly what they were doing. Before the strike, they erected a barbed wire fence around the factory and announced strikebreakers. They were clearly provocations. He then hired a private army to break up the strike. His characterization of all this as "after a brief fight" really doesn't give his readers a real clue as to what happened in one of the bloodiest attacks in American history. He's certainly right when he says that Carnegie's reputation has been damaged. Even caricatures in "respectable" newspapers showed him with two heads, with one arm "taking wages from workers and building other libraries". Perhaps the best way to add to this entry is to draw readers' attention to the work of the foundation.

  7. Lara Perín data:

    It helped me a lot with my biography project and I like collage.

    (Video) The Bloody Reality of Andrew Carnegie's Success
  8. DD data:

    This is a misleading representation of what really happened in relation to the steel mill and its workers. Carnegie, like so many others in power when it comes to money, was genuinely concerned ONLY with his place in society... how much money he had and how much control he had. To accomplish this, he made his workers work 15-hour days in horrible conditions, sometimes resulting in death from corrosive fumes, and was only allowed TWO days off a year. That is all! Thanksgiving and 4th of July. It's not Christmas and ANY other day. He was a slave trader, like all wealthy, power-hungry men. It was only when the Pinkertons were called upon to wage bloody war with these workers that Carnegie withdrew from London during the battle and tried to improve his reputation by becoming a "humanitarian".
    POH! As you do your research, many of the "humanitarians" get used to creating a facade to hide behind. Carnegie was NOT a good man. If he were, he would have treated the men who made him rich, his workers, with a kind of decency.

    This article is nothing more than pure lies and embarrassment to this woman who wrote it.

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